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TV Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right TV

Author: Loraine Updated: 26 Sep, 2019

One can’t live without any form of entertainment in their lives. Entertainment comes in different forms and styles. Sometimes it is just about painting, listening to music, going on a trip or playing a sport. It greatly depends on your mood. You should know what would serve you best in your leisure time. Speaking of which, art or every activity that we decide to do in our leisure time is not restricted to the purpose of entertaining us; we don’t mean to say that there is something wrong with entertainment that is solely for the sake of entertainment, but we also don’t mean that that’s how it should always be. There are many other ways of involving ourselves in the activities of entertainment while having a little session of learning at the same time. There are many activities that would help serve both the purposes: entertainment and learning. What is the first activity of entertainment that comes to your mind when we say, “entertainment and learning”? Of course, television. It has the ability to engage a houseful of people. The engagement is done either through watching movies, shows, dramas or playing games. Television has the ability to bring the outside world in your room. You can learn what people are doing across the world; it doesn’t document their regular lives but it does show the art, the culture that is being produced around the world either through channels like HBO that show movies, or National Geographic that shows documentaries, or News channels like CNN that show news from around the globe. Television set has become one of the basic devices or equipment to be kept at home for it benefits us in multiple ways. Before we go on to talk about the things to be kept in mind before buying a new television set, let us write out a few advantages of keeping a television set first:

  • It keeps us entertained through movies, shows, music, documentaries et cetera.
  • It gives us knowledge and information of the world around us through news channels and all other genres.
  • It keeps us connected to the past or contemporary zeitgeist by connecting us with the outside world through movies, shows and dramas.
  • It keeps the children groomed and knowledgeable through informative shows, dramas, documentaries, films, music.
  • It builds a joyful environment for the family and friends that come over to stay with you at home.

With given advantages of keeping a television set at home, we should not overlook the fact that there could be some disadvantages that you need to sidestep so that this facility/luxury doesn’t become a bane reversibly. For example, we all have heard the phrase, “excess of everything is bad”. Keeping in mind: if you or your child excessively watches TV, you or he may get eyesight issues, or get addicted to watching TV so much so that the important work will be overlooked, like schoolwork, office work, kitchen work etc. Try not to lose control at any activity that you choose for yourself.

Now that you have learnt the necessity that is this television set at your place, let’s write down all the basic things to keep in mind before buying a television set. This tv buying guide is going to help you in this regard:

TV Resolution:

Before you go on to buy a TV set for yourself, you should check the resolution because better the resolution, the better would be your experience. When you watch a movie, you obviously want to see things in clarity. The better the view, the enjoyable would be the watch. The ideal resolution, which is best tv resolution, is 4K Ultra HD. It is available in the market but may or may not be very cheap. If you find a good deal, the best choice would be to take it. Make sure you don’t buy an small sized TV set. For that size, the resolution of 4K would not matter.

Smart or Non-Smart TVs:

You can go for either but before you make that choice, you need to know the difference. Smart TV come with internet connection, which means that you can stream channels online. Many of us don’t even know how to choose a TV for our place. We go for cheap; we go for quantity over quality, which may work sometimes but not always – not when you are making a choice of buying yourself such a service – i.e. TV, phone, AC, Computer equipment etc. Choosing a tv is a tough choice when you have to make choice between a cheap deal interspersed with lesser facilities or expensive deal with multiple facilities. We would recommend that you spend once and do it for the right thing.

Television size:

It is difficult sometimes to decide what tv size one must go for. If you go for an extra-large size, you may be wasting space of your room. One should know how to choose tv size based on the size of the room where they want to install it. If you want a TV for your bedroom, go for 40” but if the space is around that of a living room, 49” to 60” would do.

High Dynamic Range:

The TV you go for should have HDR so that it has a good range of colors to the picture it displays. The more the colors, the better the viewing experience.

Refresh Rates:

When choosing a new tv, you have to consider the refresh rate of your TV set. It is the rate at which the frame or the picture changes on your screen. If it is smooth, the video quality would be great. If this doesn’t make sense, let us try explaining this again. Video is a sum of multiple frames and images flipping incessantly on your screen. If they flow steadily, without a pause, the video will be smooth. With added HDR, the color quality would also be enhanced, hence, bettering the video quality and the viewing experience.

In short, once you have decided on buying a TV set for yourself, make sure you keep all these points in your mind. It is better to get a bundle deal so that you can save up some money but TV is all that you need, do consider every small detail of the package/deal you’re going to cut yourself.



Loraine has a keen interest in technology, digital marketing, and sports. He loves to write about these topics and stay updated with emerging trends. He regularly writes for Spectrum internet and other digital platforms.

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