In St. Petersburg, FL, there are 4 residential and 7 commercial internet options. Fixed-line coverage is accessible to 100% of households. Competition is more intense in St. Petersburg than the typical city in America. In the whole city, 4 internet services are far higher than normal. Most of the residents in the St. Petersburg FL have 3 to 5 wired Internet connection choices at home. Similarly, we see a parallel competition when it comes to TV service providers within this city. The city has 5 TV service providers that are more sought out by the masses. While the importance of internet can never be fulfilled by a tv – a tv does play a vital role in keeping a family company when they want to sit in the lounge and just enjoy a sappy romcom.

Let’s find out the comparison between the top 2 TV service providers in St. Petersburg, Florida below.


First of all, AT&T TV is different from AT&T TV Now (formerly called DirecTV Now). You can choose your own streaming device through AT&T TV Now – doesn’t matter if it's an Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Roku, or Chromecast – and then register and pay as you go for AT&T services. Cable and satellite blueprints are similar to AT&T TV. AT&T is offering a complimentary box of service for free and selling additional for $120 each. Alternatively, you can pay the box off in $10 a month installments. Furthermore, you get a whopping 500 hours of cloud DVR storage with the services to let you record your favorite shows to watch them at a later time.

Above everything, the old tactic of seeking a temporary two-year contract with a massive price rise in the middle is still in use by AT&T. The advertised price at 50 dollars a month can mount up to 93 dollars a month after the first year. You would be charged $15 per month if you wish to quit in the middle of a contract. Should you wish to see the complete overview of the AT&T TV Channel Guide, click on the highlighted text. The breakdown of pricing is as below:

In addition to the prices mentioned, a regional sports fee of up to $8.50 a month adds up in the Entertainment, Xtra, and Ultimate plans of AT&T TV. Bundling up with the Internet services can defray you some of those costs — $10 out of AT&T wireless per month and $20 off on U-Versus Gigabit internet when available.

Overall, AT&T offers a huge selection of channels when compared with other streaming services.


Take excitement at another level with Spectrum TV with FREE HD and more than 200 stations, plus FREE Primetime On Demand, and get the best out of your pocket. Catch live action on TV with the Spectrum TV app and FREE channel applications for your smartphones, on the internet connection, on the go. You can grab the perfect deal on cable TV with Spectrum TV. Unlike other TV networks, Spectrum Television has no contract to sign. There is always something interesting to watch, including live sports, children's programs, movies, entertainment, documentaries, drama, news, and more. Through the Spectrum TV App, you have the ability to view the full TV collection in-home and up to 50,000 On Demand television shows and movies at home using your phones and wired devices including tablets, smartphones, Xbox One, Roku, etc. Also, you can watch live TV anywhere on your devices by downloading the TV channel app.

The perks do not just end here, you get merit in extremely efficient spectrum customer service that is operated 24/7 by a team of extensively trained reps to solve all your issues promptly.