In the majority of cities worldwide, people wish to move into a tropical paradise, but if you reside in Hawaii, you might be living the dream of millions. While nothing can equate to the beautiful nature around, an excellent selection of home entertainment services is a luxury that is going to keep you and your guests entertained forever. Luckily, you have a wide selection of providers available throughout Hawaii that offers great deals on quality services. AT&T TV is the most common TV service in Honolulu, according to recent consumer polls.

You certainly ought to try out spectrum cable Hawaii if you are looking for a provider that offers both TV and high-speed Internet. Spectrum Internet speed goes up to 60 Mbps in most cities within Hawaii, gives access to more than 10,000 On-demand choices, free DVR service, and much more!

Let’s take a deep dive into the 2 most famous providers.


AT&T TV is a new online streaming service by AT&T, which was formerly known as DirecTV, a cable service. You can choose any device with a screen to sign up and pay to watch on the go with AT&T TV, be it Samsung, Amazon FireTV, Xbox One, Roku, or Chromecast, you can pick any device of your choice. It is identical to the cable and satellite services except that AT&T TV is wireless and doesn’t need a dish either. AT&T TV sells a complimentary subscription box for free and sells an additional for $120 each. You can also pay off the box in payments of $10 a month. Moreover, this service provides a massive 500 hours of cloud DVR storage that lets you record all your favorite shows, ensuring that you do not miss any must-watch shows.

AT&T is still in the use of the same old strategy of seeking a two-year contract deal with a bit of price spike in the second year. The advertising price of the basic plan at $49.99 a month can go as high as $93 per month after the first year. If you choose to skip the contract in the middle of a deal, you would be charged $15 a month for every month remaining. You can visit the full AT&T TV channel guide here. The plans breakdown is as follows:


Spectrum Cable Internet is among the top Internet service providers operating in Hawaii. When shopping for the best internet service provider in Hawaii, it is essential to consider high-speed internet. You would always prefer to select an Internet service provider that meets or reaches the average state’s speed of 19Mbps. Naturally, Internet service providers may have varying speeds from region to region — but the speed statistics provided in the total Internet ratings of each business will allow you to find a fast and reliable provider.

Take another level of anticipation to bring the most out of your wallet with FREE HD coverage TV, over 200 channels, and FREE Primetime On Demand with Spectrum TV. Watch live Television On the Go, on your smartphone with Free Spectrum TV app and channel applications with the internet connection. You can pick the best deal price on Spectrum TV via localcabledeals. Spectrum TV requires no contract to sign, unlike most TV providers. Every day, you can watch stuff like live sports, kids shows, animations, movies, news, documentaries, drama, and more.

The Spectrum TV App offers consumers the ability to access the full TV range in their homes and up to 50,000 on-demand content, via their laptops, mobile devices, tablets, computers, Xbox One, Roku, Samsung TV, Apple TV, etc. Additionally, installing the TV channel app lets you stream live TV on your device anywhere, when on the go. A few main perks have been mentioned below:

The benefits do not just end here; you are entitled to a superbly professional spectrum customer service as well, which runs 24 hours a day by a team of extensively qualified workers to address all your issues promptly.