If you love TV just as much as I do, I know how much of an agony it is to crawl out of your home when something amazing is coming live at one of your favorite channels. For me, sports are a weakness. Being the kryptonite as they are for me – I still do have to slouch off the couch and head out for work – otherwise – how else am I to pay for the cable. You feel me, right?

So, anyway, my solution to this problem is a DVR and since I happen to change my DVR sets once they get too outdated – 2020 is the year for me to change the present one. I did some research on various kinds of DVRs that can be paired with AT&T internet services. I thought I should totally share it with you guys as well – in case you want something to record and store your favorite shows/games on.

How to choose a DVR?

Before we skip to my findings, you need to understand the process of choosing a good DVR for yourself. It depends on you what a good DVR means here, however. Is it reasonable pricing you prefer or is it efficient working? It all comes down to your decisions and – your TV providers’. I say TV providers because many cable providers like Cox and AT&T DirecTV offer a DVR service at reasonable prices to their customers. If you don’t have either one of them then maybe TiVo BOLT VOX (we’d talk about it in a while) would be your best option. If you have an OTA and are one of the many cord-cutters around me – Fire TV Cast will act as your safe haven (again – we’d talk about it in a while).

4 Best DVRs for 2020

1. Genie HD DVR (HR54) from DIRECTV

In case you're anxious about the additional month to month expenses, the DirecTV Genie will satisfy your desire for a reasonable DVR. Each one of the DIRECTV's bundles accompany a Genie DVR remembered for the cost.

The Genie can record just five shows at the same time (the most reduced number of any DVR on our rundown), yet it has a good measure of capacity enhanced for HD and 3D content.

Sports fans will appreciate how the Genie associates with NFL SUNDAY TICKET. You can program your DVR with a "blend channel," which enables you to watch up to eight live sports programs at the same time. The best thing about it is that it comes with your cable – if you have DirecTV i.e.

2. Contour Record 6 DVR from Cox

  • Records 6 shows at the same time
  • Holds HD TV data of 250 hours (not common)
  • Doesn’t let you download recorded TV shows to the tablet or mobile phone but Cox does have an application that lets you set DVR settings using your mobile when you aren’t at home
  • Watch a live or on-demand show/movie while it downloads some other videos of your choice
  • No need to feel exhausted while waiting at the dental specialist's office

Probably the handiest element from the Contour Record 6 is that it can prescribe TV shows and motion pictures dependent on what you watch. It's an incredible method to discover new shows that you'll most likely appreciate.

3. Fire TV Recast from Amazon

In case you're into antenna TV(s) rather than digital TV, that's cool too. To utilize the Fire TV Recast, you'll need an HD radio wire and a Fire TV Stick. Sorry Roku and Apple TV fans, your gushing gadget is nothing worth mentioning here.

Other than the confined gadget similarity, the Fire TV Recast verges on being the fantasy OTA DVR. It has an excellent on-screen direct and no membership charges. It even works with Alexa through the Fire TV voice remote or Amazon Echo.

The Fire TV Recast can likewise rewind and delay live TV. It doesn't have quite a bit of a business skipping highlight, however. You'll need to bounce forward 30 seconds one after another, which may destroy your thumb during three-minute business breaks.


With this DVR, you can record six shows without a moment's delay and spare 450 hours of HD TV. That is sufficient space for the 33-year run of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

Like with the Hopper 3, you can download chronicles, auto-skip plugs, voice-control through Alexa. You can likewise stream Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, and the sky is the limit from there.

A fun component of the BOLT VOX is QuickMode™, which plays recorded shows 30% quicker to enable you to marathon watch more in less time. Try not to stress—it will address the sound, as well, so you're not left tuning in to noisy voices.