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Top 3 Benefits Customers Get From Xfinity Services

Author: Andy Updated: 28 Mar, 2023

Xfinity is one of the top U.S providers extending its services to most part of America. Xfinity deals allow its customers to download their favorite movies and TV shows and able its customers to stream online TV anytime they want. Customers using Comcast’s Xfinity packages have been able to get the exclusive benefits offered by the Comcast. For people looking for a new service or simply want to upgrade their current package, it would be good to give it a read to see which benefits you are going to get from Xfinity bundles and other packages.

Benefit no 1: Protection for your Data Provided by Xfinity Internet

If you’ve been an existing customer of Xfinity, then you must be aware of the Security feature. If you’re new to this service, then you should know that you can always get the benefits of Xfinity Security Suite including one of the best security suite – Norton Security Suite – in addition to the bot detection and notification alert system. Not only that, it also provides its customers an online resource center, which offers security alerts, education-based material along with Xfinity self-help site to assist you in getting the maximum benefits from Xfinity internet service.

Benefits No.2: You Can Negotiate Well with Comcast If You’re An Existing Customer

We all are aware of the fact that negotiation is a major skill to know. This skill comes in handy if you’re using Xfinity packages. Prices of Xfinity deals for existing customers can sometimes go really high, but this is not the time to get rid of the service but a high time to get what you want from the Xfinity. Here’s how you can do it.

1-      You must know that Xfinity needs you more than you need Xfinity

We all know that these companies earn a lot of money from us. It also happens that they increase the prices of the services without telling their customers. But now, you need to know that you can negotiate with the company because they can’t afford to lose you at any cost. Use this to your advantage and make your demands clear and concise and politely let the company know what you want or else you’re going to get another service from the competitor.

2-       Remember To Be Nice While Making Demands

As mentioned by John Garvens in his article, the best way to make them note what you want is by talking and treating them nicely. Sometimes, it happens that the customer representative might not be able to talk properly but that shouldn’t be the reason you changed your tone as well. We all know that the customer representative job is not so bright and that it happens with all of us. So, keep yourself calm and let them know that you’re not happy with the charges added to your bill and that you don’t want to use the service.

3-      Stay Firm on Your Demands

Being nice and polite while talking doesn’t really mean that you should move from your demands or accept what they have to offer. While negotiating with the Xfinity customer service, you might experience that their customer service representative will find ways to make you stay and probably make you a few offers. If that happens to you, all you need to tell them that it’s not what you want and that they should consider exactly what you want.

4-      Prepare Yourself for the Negotiation

It’s not a difficult thing to understand that a person needs to create a firm foundation first before making a point. The negotiation might not go as good as you think if you haven’t paid your bills on time. Also, it always better to do some research regarding which plans and promotional offers Xfinity deals is offering to its customers. It might happen that you will get whatever you want in a promotional offer and then you won’t need to go through this process. So keep in mind that

  • You need to pay your bills on time
  • You need to research the current offers and promotions

5-      Time for Making a Final Call to Comcast

Now that you’ve got the idea of what to do when making a call to Comcast and what to expect from the other side, it’s time to call Comcast’s Cancellation department as it’s the only department having the authority to offer the best deal you want. Now that you’ve called them, you simply need to ask them to cancel your service as Xfinity deals are getting expensive and wait for them to speak. They are going to make you offers as they’ve already spent a lot of money on acquiring you so they won’t let you go and eventually agrees to your demands.

Remember, you need to know what you want first and make a firm decision then ask them to fulfill it and they’ll be bound to do it. That’s all for the negotiation part. I hope this will help you in getting the best Xfinity bundle deals you want.

Benefit no. 3: Get the RealTime Assist with Your Xfinity Bundle Deals

To reach to its customers at the platforms they use the most, Xfinity realizes that it’s important to connect with its customers via SMS to provide them with all the necessary information whenever the need. RealTime Assist helps customers sharing updates via SMS through My Account app, or you will get it on TV screen through X1. Xfinity provides its customers with all the necessary information at the right time when they want it.

You must be wondering which kind of information Xfinity shares with its customers via RealTime Assist. It shares all the equipment updates, promotion offers, planned outages, self-install kits, and technician appointments. It also provides its customers with the “how to” videos to assist customers setting up their own equipment if they want or help them prepare for an appointment. With the help of RealTime Assist, the queries and issues of existing customers have drastically decreased as Xfinity lets its more than 4.5 million customers know about the problem beforehand.



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