Internet connectivity has become as essential a part of our lives as any other commodity and calling it an absolute necessity wouldn’t be far-fetched at all. Though advanced connectivity methods make connecting to a network quite convenient, there are a number of factors at play when you connect to an internet option.

A few hardware components, modems in particular, are quite necessary to make connectivity functional. Spectrum internet has made quite a name for itself with its quality offerings and seamless speed options. Although, there is a wide number of modems that work well with Spectrum’s internet service, a few stand above the rest in terms of the quality of their connectivity and their functionality. You might have an idea now where we are headed in terms of information. So without further ado, let us list down some of the best Spectrum compatible modems available in the market right now.



This modem from Netgear might be at the expensive end but don’t let its pricing fool you at all. Nighthawk C7000 is considerably among the best wireless modems available in the market. Gamers in particular will take quite a liking to this offering since it has been optimized to provide a lag-free experience. So the perfect gaming spree with Spectrum internet and Nighthawk C7000 doesn’t look like a bad plan after all. The aesthetics of this router is also quite pleasing for the masses and the connectivity range offered by the device is particularly wide as compared to other products in the market. Studded with an array of LED lights that change according to the performance metrics, the overall look of the gadget is quite appealing.

The back of the device supports a USB 2.0 port, a coax cable port, 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and the necessary port for the power cord. You can get this baby for an impressive price of $163 through Amazon. All things considered, if you don’t mind spending some extra buck, this modem is definitely a good investment and you can be damn sure it will facilitate the best connectivity with Spectrum internet packages.

2. ASUS CM-32 DOCSIS 3.0


Another high end entry in our list of Spectrum certified modems is Asus CM-32. This modem offers up to 1.3 Gbps cable download speeds that is pretty cool especially for people who like to download stuff a lot. This modem comes with a built-in subscription option where it pays your monthly dues on its own. This basically means you can enjoy uninterrupted spectrum service while always being aware of any surcharges. The modem also includes fully incorporated ASUSWRT features that make the entire connectivity seamless. The device itself is mounted with 4 dedicated antennas that not only give it excellent connectivity range but also make it aesthetically pleasing. The only apparent downside here is the price factor as this router will cost you around $210 but if you are looking for something premium and want to experience your Spectrum connection in all its glory, then this would definitely be a good option.



Coming towards something relatively mid-tier in our list now, this modem from Motorola hosts a 3x3 built-in gigabit support. Specifically certified for Spectrum tiers of up to 100 Mbps, this modem is bound to offer you a decent range and formidable wireless connectivity. What’s different here is that this is a modem plus router combo offered by the company and when these components work together, they create a seamless experience that helps save disk space, time and money as well. Supported by Power Boost technology, you can enjoy wireless signal strengths all the way up to the legal limits offered in the U.S. Available at a price of around $100, this combo would be a perfect fit with your Spectrum internet.

4. ARRIS SURFboard SB6121


This 4x4 bonding DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem from Arris is the most affordable option in our list of Spectrum internet certified modems. You will need a cable internet service to use this modem. This router can theoretically support speeds up to 172 Mbps. Spectrum has certified this model for speed limits up to 60 Mbps which isn’t so bad since this modem costs around $35 that is quite affordable. The slim design of the device itself makes it quite convenient to be placed next to a desktop setup. The one visible downside here is that it doesn’t come with a dedicated power button, so if you have to restart the setup, you will need to unplug it.

There you have it. All these routers work particularly well with Spectrum internet. We have highlighted different tier options here that might be suitable to different audiences according to their affordability range. Not just that, some connectivity setups will demand a stronger modem option so make your choice accordingly. With that being said, all the aforementioned options stand out among the rest and you can feel comfortable choosing any one for your internet connection.