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Temporary Outage in Xfinity Cable Services this Wednesday

Author: Loraine Updated: 26 Sep, 2019

It is not a common occurrence that Xfinity users experience troubles in the services that Xfinity offers to their customers. Xfinity services have been careful at providing a reliable, if not perfect, service to their customers and the incident that occurred this Wednesday 29, 2018 was a display of their reliability at the time of the temporary outage.

It is quite possible that the companies go through random problems that they themselves cannot find the solution to, much less identify the problem in the first place. These short-term problems may alarm the users, sometimes cost them by not offering them an alternative solution. This is where the customer services are best tested. If they are responded and well managed on time, there definitely be less fuss than there already was. The point is, keeping the users updated on every small note make your service more reliable as well as well-informed of every changing that it goes through. It also gives off the impression of a reliable company that tries to take care of their customers and does not leave them unattended.

Comcast, on this Wednesday, was vigilant enough to look after the 5000 outages in Cherry Hill, Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, Cumberland, and Merchantville.

During the outages reported, there were numerous complaints during that short span on how people could not follow up on their shows or sports. People who stayed back home could not watch their shows on their favorite channels. The damage was only short-lived as Comcast after sometime tweeted, “TV issues have been resolved for almost all customers in Philadelphia and South Jersey”. They apologized for the inconvenience they had caused their users.

While the service providers try to take care of the problems that come in the way of every user, the users have to be patient and helpful as well. They have to understand the fact that problems may sometimes be completely unpredictable. Not just that, their cause may not always come from the company itself but from somewhere outside. What we mean is, the cause of the problem may be external and in order to control them, someone might have to do a lot of digging in the matter for the sake of sorting them out. At such times, the users also have to be sensitive on the subject and at least be patient until the notice comes out from the service providers.



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