CenturyLink Overview

CenturyLink is serviceable in 37 states in the US. CenturyLink is top-notch DSL and Fiber ISP offering services for both business and residential customers. The service is powered by fiber to the loop infrastructure that delivers digital data. This infrastructure allows them to provide high-speed internet nationwide. The fiber infrastructure requires massive installation costs. Therefore, CenturyLink fiber is available in selected areas.

Internet accessibility is a basic human need and internet providers should try hard to make their services as accessible as possible. CenturyLink has taken the initiative to link major rural areas of the country. CenturyLink utilizes telephone lines to deliver a strong and reliable internet. This makes it one of America’s most widely used services, as most of the households have a telephone line.

CenturyLink Internet is a great alternative to a satellite in these areas. The download speeds provided are comparably high and the data caps are relaxed.

On top of massive infrastructure, CenturyLink offers great reliability and constant support through its customer service department. You can reach out to customer support for all queries regarding your services, billing, troubleshooting CenturyLink equipment, and reporting potential outages.

Things to consider before switching

There are many things to consider before switching your internet service to CenturyLink.  

Step 1: Understand

Understand why you want to switch your internet provider. Do you want better internet speeds? Better internet equipment? Contract-free plans? Knowing the exact reason for switching will help you get away from the hassle of switching only and winding up in a similar situation.

While one may have multiple reasons, one should prioritize these reasons in order to figure out what is important for them. This will help you get the internet service provider of your needs. Nevertheless, if there is not any solid reason to change your broadband, one may do it for upgrading the current internet speeds. It depends on how you consume the internet. Netflix requires more bandwidth than browsing social media.

Step 2: Review Cancellation Fee             

If you are under a heavy contract, you will be charged a heavy cancellation fee. Some of the providers have a no-contract policy as well. The policies around service termination do differ from provider to provider. Therefore, you should consult your current internet service provider. Check the fees and all the other costs associated with cancellation. Once you call a customer service department for cancellation, you will be rerouted to the retention department. These departments are generally for negotiations. However, make sure you know what you are doing before taking any decision. You will have to return the equipment and pay any pending bill before cancellation. Switching from Comcast to CenturyLink will be a bit hectic as Comcast has service agreement. Moreover, switching from COX to CenturyLink will include a cancellation fee if there are any contracts on the table. If you had signed up for auto-pay with COX, there is no service termination fee.

Step 3: Check CenturyLink’s availability

Once you know that you are canceling your contract with the provider and signing up for CenturyLink, check whether CenturyLink is available in your area. CenturyLink is a top-notch DSL and fiber internet provider with services across 37 states. CenturyLink offers fiber internet as well. However, the coverage is limited to certain areas since there is a huge infrastructure cost associated with fiber installation.

Step 4: Things to consider before choosing CenturyLink

Here are the things to consider while choosing CenturyLink.


Internet speeds are quite important while getting an internet service provider. Your internet speeds depend on your internet usage. If you have excessive usage that involves streaming your favorite movies and TV shows in HD or 4K UHD, online gaming, and downloading, you should go for a higher internet speed plan. If you have a basic usage that involves streaming in HD and browsing social media, go for a regular plan. CenturyLink DSL has speeds up to 100 Mbps and if you go for fiber internet, you can have as high as 940 Mbps.

Upfront Cost

Just like other internet providers, CenturyLink does have an upfront cost. However, these charges are minimal. CenturyLink only charges you for installation and equipment costs.

Equipment Cost

Renting your equipment is sometimes the easiest way around. CenturyLink offers you the option to rent a modem. The monthly charges for the modem are $9.99 per month. However, CenturyLink also offers you the ability to purchase a modem. There is a one-time charge. It is a one-time fee of $99.99. For new customers, CenturyLink offers the latest internet modems.


CenturyLink is a reliable ISP. You can check online reviews for further information regarding the service.


There are many good reasons to get bundle services. Bundling offers you the ability to get all the services under one monthly bill. Moreover, bundles are always on promotions and discounts. CenturyLink offers you the ability to get high-speed internet and a digital phone. However, you can get TV service through DIRECTV and DISH with CenturyLink as well.

Step 5: Choose a plan

Access your internet needs and get a plan according to your choice. The DSL internet speeds range from up to 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Depending upon availability, CenturyLink fiber has speeds up to 940 Mbps.

Choose a plan that fits you the best.

Step 6: Sign-up!

Once you have selected an internet plan, sign-up! The good thing about CenturyLink is that there are no bundling requirements. You don’t have to sign any service agreement either. Moving to CenturyLink is quite simple and a representative will guide to step by step.


Sign-up for CenturyLink to get high-speed internet without service agreements or bundling requirements.