The Internet has become an important utility these days. From our smartphones, laptops to our Smart TVs and IoT products, everything needs to be powered through the internet. We cannot withstand a second if the internet goes down. I have worked in the telecommunication industry and I saw how internet providers exploit customers by charging them a ridiculous amount of money every month.

If you are one of those people who are done with your current internet provider due to ever-increasing monthly charges, this article will help you. Moreover, many users face issues with internet connectivity itself rather than the monthly charge. No matter which situation you are currently in, it is time to switch your internet provider.

Now, switching your internet provider might be a hectic task for you. Realizing this problem, we came up with a step by step guide on how to successfully move to a new provider. Moreover, with the pandemic situation going on it is harder for many people to switch providers.

However, as the lockdown measures are being eased, the technicians are back to work and installation is as simple as it used to be.

Following are the steps to switch your internet provider:

Step 1

Understand your internet usage and why you need the service

What do you need in an internet connection? High-speeds? Unlimited Data? The affordable monthly charge? These are questions you should be asking yourself. There are different plans for different households. We will help you understand the usage requirements:

Basic Usage: Many households have basic internet usage. It involves basic web browsing, social media, checking emails, and paying their dues online. The usage is not extensive. Therefore, for a usage like this, you don’t need any drastic spending on your internet bill. Any plan that has somewhere around 25 Mbps should be more than enough for your use. You can also go with fixed data caps with this usage.

Medium Usage: Fair usage involves regular browsing, checking emails, online payment, and sometimes streaming or downloading. An average household has a medium usage. This usage involves a minimum download speed of 100 Mbps. Ideally, the data cap should be unlimited but 500 GB every month works just fine.

High-end Usage: Now, if you have gamers in the house that require high-speed internet to run their games online, you need good internet. If multiple people are streaming HD, playing online games, and downloading simultaneously, your internet should be well equipped to meet these challenges. Therefore, any internet plan above 200 Mbps should be your target range and the data caps should be unlimited.

By understanding your usage, you will have a clear idea of why you need the service.

Step 2

Find out the cancellation fee

While signing up for an internet connection, you get into a contract for a year or two. This varies from provider to provider. You need to call your current internet service provider and inquire about the cancellation fee if any. However, if you’re interested in a no-contract service then Charter Spectrum™ is one of the exceptions in the industry. All Spectrum internet plans have no contracts, thus giving you the freedom of cancelling your service anytime.

For providers offering contract based services, the policies involving the cancellation fee keep on changing. For example, you signed up to a provider with a year contract and the contract term starts after one month of the service. The cancellation fee depends on the month you cancel your service. If you cancel your service in the third or fourth month, the cancellation fee will be higher than the one towards the end of the term.

Return the equipment

This is the most important step. You have to return the equipment. The equipment incurs a monthly charge and must be returned to the provider to avoid any penalty. Every provider has different equipment and compatibility. Therefore, your existing modem or router might not work with the new provider.

Return the equipment

This is the most important step. You have to return the equipment. The equipment incurs a monthly charge and must be returned to the provider to avoid any penalty. Every provider has different equipment and compatibility. Therefore, your existing modem or router might not work with the new provider.

Step 3

Look for internet service providers in your area

Once you have finally figured out the cancellation fee and are all set to get a new provider, use LocalCableDeals to find the internet providers in your area. Just enter your home address with zip code and we will do the rest for you.

Step 4

Pick a provider that matches your requirements

There are many factors to be considered while picking up a provider. Most importantly, if you have to pay a cancellation fee, look for providers with the contract buyout option. Internet providers like Spectrum offer a contract buyout that is worth $500. You just have to sign-up for at least two services to get started.

Nevertheless, look for a provider that meets your needs. Following are the factors to be considered while doing so:


The internet availability for any provider varies from location to location. An internet provider might be available at one address and unserviceable on the other. Therefore, it is better to check the availability of the provider. The best way is by calling customer support. Your address might appear serviceable when you place an order but the customer support has the exact information. So, it is better to call them instead.


Your internet is a combination of download and upload speed. Download speed is the time taken by your internet to get the data from the server while the upload speed refers to the time taken by the data to reach the server. An average user spends more time in downloading as opposed to uploading. Therefore, download speeds are always greater than upload speeds. With high-speed internet, you have the power to perform multiple activities like 4K streaming, downloading, and gaming at once. Go for high-speed internet.

Monthly Price

In many cases, you might get a discount for the first year, and after that prices go back to normal. This strategy is utilized by most of the providers. Therefore, while finding out the monthly charge, figure out the monthly price after the end of the promotional term. This way you will have a clear idea of whether it fits the budget or not.

Up-front cost and additional charges

There are additional charges to the monthly bill for internet service. These charges include the monthly rental for the equipment, taxes, fees, and other surcharges. Therefore, the advertised price is never the final price as you’ll have to pay these charges on top. The up-front cost varies from provider to provider. Many providers run a credit check on your social to check whether you need to pay anything up-front. The credit check is sometimes hard. There is no other alternative to bypass the credit check. Only Cox Communication gives customers the option to bypass the credit check and pay $50 up-front signing up for the autopay.


Reliability is another important factor that you need to consider in a new provider. It should be able to deliver fairly consistent download speeds without any interruptions in the service. Even if there is a problem, the Customer Service should be well prepared to handle it. The solution should be quick.

Bundling options

Your new provider should offer you great deals on all three services. These discounted prices should be good for a minimum of two years.

Final Verdict

Keep all these factors in mind while getting a new provider. Take recommendations from your friends and neighbors. Don’t rush. Take your time and sign-up when you are satisfied with the offered price, speed, and bundles.