The respiratory tract infection known as coronavirus has taken the world up by the storm. A virus that initially originated from China has forced multiple countries into complete lockdown with shops, parks, offices, and academic institutions completely shut down. Global flights have come to a halt and individuals are more petrified than ever. In this time of self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine, educating children have become difficult. However, before this crisis, over 30% of the USA's population already home-schooled their children by providing state of the art educational facilities at home. Contrary to popular belief, homeschooling can be just as effective as traditional schooling - if not more. From Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin to George Washington and Charles Dickens, home-schoolers have attributed a lot to change the world. Now that the entire country will be focusing on homeschooling their children whether by themselves or through online school lectures, a strong and interruptible internet connection is needed.

In response to the CO-VID 19 pandemic, Charter Communications Inc. has taken a great initiative to help parents teach their children from home. Since the residents of the United States heavily rely on high-speed internet connectivity for nearly every aspect of their lives, Charter Communications has committed to ensuring free Spectrum internet for 60 days to facilitate the people in the best possible way. Households that do not have easy access to the internet can call Spectrum and avail this offer with free installation so that their children can conveniently study from home.

The management of Charter Communications announced that it would collaborate with schools to make local communities aware of the tools and techniques, which students need so that they can learn from home over the internet. Katy Grondin, Supt. of Auburn School, informed parents about the Spectrum deals and offers so that they could take advantage of this amazing service and study through online classes from home. Furthermore, a reliable internet connection would allow students to communicate with their teachers via email and other chatting platforms. In addition to this, they will be able to upload and download assignments on time from the World Wide Web, which is another benefit of stable internet.

There are a number of things that you might have to do over the internet when studying from home, for instance:

1. Ensure Digital Equity

Equity is by far the greatest obstacle when preparing for online lectures. Therefore, make sure that you are well occupied with all the digital devices and internet bandwidth to carry out your online classes.

2. Practice and Learn

Students who have never taken online classes before need to understand the fact that its not just about taking notes. You also have to practice learn the lectures and practice the tools to gain a good knowledge of the concepts.

3. Make Daily Schedules

Organize your daily online classes in a way that you do not clash with your siblings. Additionally, avoid taking online lectures during peak hours because you might not receive good internet speed and bandwidth at that time.

Spectrum realizes the fact that as the pandemic increases, the need for broadband internet will also escalate to another level because people from all the sectors of the economy would be required to work from home and in such circumstances, staying connected to the world will be of utmost importance. So, to fulfill the online requirements of the masses, the internet company has introduced multiple packages that would cater to the needs of every household in the United States.

Here are Spectrum’s most sought-after internet plans:

Spectrum Internet Spectrum Select Double Play Spectrum Select Triple Play
Download Speeds start from 100 Mbps Download Speeds start from 100 Mbps Download Speeds start from 100 Mbps
Download Speeds go up to 940 Mbps Download Speeds go up to 940 Mbps Download Speeds go up to 940 Mbps
No Data Caps – Unlimited Internet No Data Caps – Unlimited Internet No Data Caps – Unlimited Internet
Spectrum Security Suite Spectrum Security Suite Spectrum Security Suite
Seamless Online Gaming 125+ Channels with free HD 125+ Channels with free HD
Thousands of On-Demand Titles Thousands of On-Demand Titles
Unlimited Calling – Local and Nationwide
Starts From $49.99/month Starts From $89.98/month UStarts From $99.97/month

Charter Spectrum Availability

Being the second-largest cable provider in the country, Spectrum offers internet across 44 states with maximum coverage in New York, California, and Texas. According to recent stats and surveys, the service is easily accessible to more than 100 million people in the US. With its extensive cable infrastructure, Spectrum is also offering high-speed fiber internet service, which goes up to 940 Mbps in most areas. One of the key features of Spectrum is easy to understand the pricing system. Unlike other providers, Charter Spectrum charges the same price for similar plans throughout the nation.