Spectrum is a rather new brand created after the merger of Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Networks. Therefore, if in the past you were a customer of any of the three providers you are now automatically a customer with Spectrum. As a result of the merger, Spectrum’s coverage area has become vast with services available in almost 44 states. If you want to know if Spectrum is available in your area just go to localcabledeals.com to check availability, services offered and latest deals available.

Types of Network

In the modern world, there are three types of network available to customers;

Spectrum has a cable network that it uses to transfer data for its cable TV and internet services. These coaxial cables are running underground throughout neighborhoods connecting houses to the world of technology. In the past cable was the king, but then fiber-optic came along with its much higher speeds. However, fiber-optic is still quite expensive and is only available in select areas so cable still rules the country.

Choosing Between Internet Plans

Here a few recommendations to help you make an informed decision when comparing various Spectrum internet plans:

Internet-Only Plans

Besides the entry-level Internet Assist program and the Standard Internet that Spectrum offers there are two high-speed tiers plans as well that I will elaborate below.

 1. Spectrum Internet Ultra

This is a mid-level package with speeds between 300 – 400 Mbps. It is perfect for anyone who needs more power, be it big families, work-from-home individuals, gamers, or Netflix binge-watchers. A higher-end modem and router are included with the plan.

 2. Spectrum Internet Gig

This is the best speed Spectrum currently has to offer. Being on the expensive side, I would not recommend it to an average user, but if you are several users in the same housing and can afford it then it may be Godsend for you. A high high-end modem and a router are included in the plan just like “Ultra”.

To close off, I would like to point out that although Spectrum has brilliant speeds and is much more than enough for an average American internet user it is not a symmetrical speed internet. So, if you have lots of uploading to do on a daily basis you might want to look into fiber-optic, which might be more up your speed. You can get more information about this by calling the spectrum customer service hotline (1-844-481-5993) which is open 24/7.