Internet accessibility has never been more important than it is now because hunkering at home and quarantining to get rid of coronavirus spread ensures that people rely on their Internet connections for anything from news alerts to work from home. However, in the light of the coronavirus epidemic, it is not just professionals and people with careers who are gradually moving to a remote-work situation. Schoolchildren, as well as college and high school graduates, are rapidly seeing their classes being canceled outright or moved to distant, online alternatives. That is why the Spectrum, unit of Charter Communications has decided to expressly provide assistance to families especially those with students at home.

The Internet company has confirmed that it will provide free Spectrum internet along with free Spectrum Wi-Fi coverage for 60 days to homes with K-12 and/or college students who don't already have a broadband connection. Additionally, the free plan applies up to 100 Mbps at every level of operation.

How to get free internet?

To enroll for this package, all you have to do is call spectrum customer service at 1-844-488-8395, and if you are eligible to avail of this package, installation fees ($59.99) will be waived off for new student’s households.

Charter has further pledged to work with school boards to ensure that these resources are accessible to local populations and help students learn remotely. Moreover, Charter is expanding Wi-Fi hotspots for public access around its footprint and will continue to sell its Spectrum Internet Assist, a high-speed broadband plan to qualifying low-income households that offers high-speed internet up to 30 Mbps.

The company already guarantees that more than 29 million subscribers will retain coverage across 41 states, including government agencies, emergency responders, health care providers, and businesses.

Charter will continue to track this complex situation closely and is well-prepared to continue to have secure communication.

Charter is committed to ensuring that customers reliably have access to the online resources and information they need and want. In order to relieve the pressure in this difficult period, beginning on Monday 16 March, Charter will be committed to the following for 60 days:

  • Charter will provide free wireless coverage and 60-day Wi-Fi connectivity to families with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a spectrum internet package of up to 100 Mbps at any service point.
  • To sign up, call 1-844-488-8395. Installation costs for new student households will be waived off.
  • Charter will work with school boards to ensure that these services are made available to local areas and help students learn online.
  • Charter will continue to provide high-speed internet service Spectrum Internet Assist to qualifying low-income families offering speeds of up to 30 Mbps.
  • Charter will open their free Wi-Fi hotspots for public access around their footprint.
  • Spectrum will continue providing unlimited data with no data caps.
  • There will be no additional or hidden fees with any package.

The network is designed to sustain full capacity during peak hours that are usually in the evenings, so a daytime spike will be well beyond the control capability of the network. Charter will continue to track this complex situation closely and is well-prepared to continue to have secure communication. It has robust market and employee stability programs in place that can be tailored to better fit all of the clients and employees as appropriate.

On a similar note, a number of other US wireless carriers signed on to the FCC's Keep Americans connected Pledge, which involves several large cellular carriers such as AT&T, and Internet service providers such as Comcast. The aim is to commit to sustaining service and waiving late payments for clients who have trouble paying due to the coronavirus epidemic.

AT&T internet


For any home cellular, wireless, or internet residential or small business clients, AT&T will not end service for the next 60 days due to late payments. It will be acting upon as following:

  • Waive fines for late payments.
  • Leave the outdoor Wi-Fi hotspots open to whoever needs them.
  • The company will also provide unlimited broadband coverage and provide Internet connectivity for low-income families at $10 per month only.

comcast internet


The company is widening the Xfinity WiFi network and gratuitously providing unlimited bandwidth. Comcast is expanding the Xfinity WiFi network to everyone to help customers remain connected to school and work, as well as Hotspots around the country will be made accessible to everyone who needs it for free, including the non-subscribers.

  • Comcast will delay its 60-day service plan for new customers, providing unlimited access at no extra expense.
  • Prevent late disconnections or late payment fines for individuals calling the company if they are unable to cover their bills during these times.
  • New users can receive a free broadband package, 'Internet Essentials'.


During these tough times, several organizations have come forward to sign on to FCC’s ‘Keep Americans connected Pledge’ to support network operations and are continuously monitoring, measuring, and developing networks and infrastructure by technical and engineering departments to ensure that connectivity is protected during this significant isolation period.