Charter Spectrum is one of the leading internet providers in the United States offering its services across 44 states with the greatest coverage in New York, Texas, and California. Spectrum is one of those few contract-free service providers that do not impose any restriction or monetary obligation on the users should they choose to walk out of the service. The company even offers to buy out your contract for up to $500 if you wish to leave your older provider for Spectrum. Building on that, Spectrum is as generous in the case of late payment of dues as it is in the case of contracts.

Payment of Bills:

Under normal circumstances, a subscriber is billed monthly in advance for the services that are going to be rendered to them in addition to the pro-rata charges and any arrears from the previous months. On-Demand services are charged based on usage. Failure to pay the bills on time (30 days in Spectrum’s case) may result in discontinuation of services and even removal of all the equipment. Similarly, if you own multiple accounts like business and residential, a non-payment of bills for even one of them may result in loss of services on all the accounts.

Late Payment:

In case your account is 30 days past the due date for payments, you will receive a reminder message on the monthly bill. For example, if your past due balance remains unpaid for the said period then Spectrum will impose a late payment fee at the company’s current rate at that time. It is $8.95 per missed payment right now. The grace period is fairly generous however, if the account remains unpaid, it may result in your services being discontinued. How does the situation change during COVID-19?

How does the situation change during COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the world like a huge health catastrophe. It has utterly changed the lifestyles of people and the way business is conducted, During these times of unexpected lockdowns, everyone is worried about their regular expenses and paying their bills on time. The times are uncertain, thus triggering a whole lot of questions and concerns. Consequently, most companies are waiving off late payment fees and are delaying service termination to the areas struck by the virus.

Similarly, Spectrum, in compliance with the regulations set by the FCC, opened its Public Wi-Fi systems on the 16th of March’20 for public use and offered Its high-speed internet connection and Spectrum internet assist, to the low-income homes that are affected by the pandemic. Thus ensuring that students and businesses keep flourishing in their respective fields from home. It was also announced that they won’t terminate Spectrum internet, TV, or phone service for the subscribers who are economically uptight owing to the pandemic. Building on that, the late fee charge has also been waived in these circumstances until further notice.