Spectrum is the best available cable provider right now, particularly if you need great cable TV, internet, and home phone service. Spectrum delivers excellent discounts and bundles with all three, or all three offerings can be combined and received together at one discounted cost. Technology has taken over our lives and without TV, Internet, and phone, it seems very difficult to stay connected and entertained. Spectrum packages help you to keep up with all the needs of the technology world today. With Spectrum coverage, you never have to feel out of the loop or behind on the days. It provides secure, high-speed internet with ‘Internet Plus’, entertainment-filled television with ‘TV Select’, affordable, and effective phone service with ‘Phone Unlimited’.

spectrum internet prices

Spectrum Internet

Spectrum delivers three essential flavors: Basic, Ultra, and Gig. Spectrum internet speeds vary from area to area and differ according to each plan. Similarly, spectrum internet prices depend on the plan and speed, you signed up for.

Basic internet delivers speeds of up to 100 Mbps but is within the 60-100 Mbps range in most states, or if you are lucky enough it may also go up to 200Mbps, depending on the location. The pricing for this package starts at as little as $49.99 a month which would cost an extra $5 a month for the Wi-Fi.

For large households and homeworkers, the 300 to 400 Mbps Spectrum Ultra Service is the best option. It features an integrated spectrum Wi-Fi, superior range router, and a free modem designed to support increased ultra-spectrum bandwidth.

Spectrum's Gig plan is the high-tier plan which can cost as much as $100 a month. In addition to the enormous download speed of up to 940 Mbps, it also promises fast upload speeds for live streamers i.e. up to 35 Mbps. While it may be tempting to get the highest speed bundle where you don’t ever get to see the buffering icon, it is important to determine your use and save a lot of money by selecting a low-tier plan if your usage is moderate and not high.

Spectrum Voice

While spectrum provides exquisite internet and television services, you can't ask for a better voice quality than what spectrum offers with its phone services. We've all just had enough of 'can you hear me now?' and now is the time to really start talking. You get to make unlimited local and long-distance calls including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Virgin Islands, and more. An open call to these countries with endless luxury phone apps is only a call away. Moreover, you get 28 other features like Voicemail, block unwanted callers, and NO dropped calls at all. Spectrum plans have it all covered for you.

Spectrum Voice

Cable, internet, and phone all come under one roof and can either be accessed as stand-alone services or subscribed to as bundles if you want to save some money.

Spectrum Bundles

Spectrum offers a wide range of spectacular bundles. They provide several packages for the various price range. Spectrum bundles are comprised of three separate packages: ‘triple play select’, ‘triple play silver’, and ‘triple play gold’.

Triple Play Select

Triple play Select has a 100 Mbps internet connection and consists of 125 plus TV channels along with home phone with which customers are allowed to make unrestricted calls to friends and relatives. You can have this incredible spectrum deal for $99.97 per month only.

Triple-Play Silver

The triple play Silver customized for consumers seeking to get a large number of TV channels. This deal provides an Internet connection of up to 100 Mbps with this package. It also offers 175 plus channels for the consumer to enjoy where you get to watch awesome TV shows including Breaking Bad, GOT, and a lot more. A vast variety of television networks lets you choose from the breathtaking menu, to pick your favorite show to watch. You may make as many calls, local or long distance as you want. You may subscribe to this package in $124.97 per month only.

Triple Play Gold

Spectrum’s Triple-play Gold is the highest-tier package that gives the customers top of the line features. This bundle offers 100 Mbps of internet and comes up with 200 plus channels. You can surf through too many choices like nature, movies, and news media as well. Along with this package, you are allowed to make unlimited calls so you are always in touch with your loved ones. You may sign up for this extraordinary spectrum package in $144.97 per month only.


Spectrum packages are offered as double play and triple play. These differ as ‘Select’, ‘Silver’, and ‘Gold’ based on the number of premium channels you need and how much Internet speed you want. Spectrum packages merge the internet with Cable TV, Internet with phone service, Cable with the phone, or triple-play where all three services are available. This does not only let you get it all in one place but saves a lot on digital usage as well. In addition to all this, all these packages come with a one-year price-lock guarantee and no contracts are there to be concerned about.