Working on the internet, cable, and phone industry I have noticed a general trend of people prioritizing internet and cable only while subscribing to a new service. Most of them have started to look down upon the landline phone service and the reason is quite simple. With the cellphone plans a lot cheaper and internet-based calling apps on the verge, who uses a landline? Well, the introduction of services like WhatsApp and FaceTime communication has indeed become easier. However, in the present world, we cannot deny the importance of a landline.

Given that you have the right provider, it does wonders for you. For example, Charter Spectrum is one of the biggest providers in the country in terms of area coverage. Their landline service is called Spectrum Voice and has changed the perception of a landline forever. It includes more than 28 unique features including caller ID, E911 access, free voicemail, and unlimited local & long-distance calling.

Ideally, we should look for a provider that can at least match the Spectrum phone features. However, a common concern for most people is the monthly charge. It is quite understandable that you do not want to pay much for the service. Therefore, we created a comprehensive guide on all the tips and tricks to save on your landline.

Tips to save on your landline

It isn’t a difficult task to get the expenditure right on your home phone but it is important to monitor your usage and compare it with what is on offer in the telecommunication market. However, the great news is that you can cut your spending on the landline by half by following some basic strategies.

The idea is simple. Pay for what you need. You do not need to overpay for the services included in the home phone plan that you barely use. Secondly, even if you use the services, never overbuy these services. Here is how you can avoid it:

Choose the long-distance package wisely

It is better to let the landline’s default long-distance package go. It is always very expensive and leaves a dent on your monthly budget. Unlike Spectrum home phone, other providers may charge you for this benefit. The best way to deal with this situation is by asking the company what is the right plan. Call your provider and inquire about the best plan available that meets your requirements. If not, go to their website and look for the plans yourself. After doing this research, all you need to do is to compare these plans to the other long-distance offers. Call quality will always be good with all the providers available. Therefore, it is a good idea to make your buying decision by choosing an affordable option. Consequently, you will be able to modify your long-distance package to compliment your calling habit.

Get the right bundles

Many telecommunication providers have tailored bundles so that people can avail of a discount. These bundles are a great option for many households. However, they get out of the budget for others. While signing up for these bundles, you are given a discounted price. These discounts are good for a specific amount of time. After the end of the promotional term, the prices hike up. This makes them redundant for many people. For example, if the phone plan costs $15 per month in the first year, there will be a $10 increase in the next year.

The smart thing to do is to get the right bundle. You can inquire about the prices after the end of the promotional term from the customer service. Only then, you will be able to see whether the bundle fits in the budget or not.

Secondly, if you’ve got internet and cable TV service already, then you can get a landline separately from another provider. This way the a la carte plan will be customized according to your needs and you will not have to conform to the features mentioned in the bundle.

Consider getting VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP phones is taking over the market. It has become a mainstream way to use your internet service as your phone line. Many providers let you keep the same phone number and convert your worn-out landline to a VoIP phone. The installation is quite simple. You just need a small box that connects to your high-speed internet connection. The regular home phone is then connected to the box. The signals travel through the internet line whatever type of connection you have. There are multiple ways to get these VoIP kits. You can get these on any electronics store or order it from Amazon or BestBuy.

The benefit of getting a VoIP phone is that it is cheaper than the average landline. You can get the same packages but at half the price. These phones have tons of other features available as well such as Caller ID, far beyond call waiting, and Voicemail. Everything included in the plan with no additional cost. Call quality is a lot better too and there are not any dropped calls. The only problem with the VoIP phones is that they rely on your internet connection. In case of an internet outage, you will not have service. You can nullify this issue by signing up for a provider with fewer instances of an internet outage.

Skip the add-ons

The best way to save money on your landline is by skipping all the add-ons that you barely use. Many providers will charge you extra for features such as call waiting, voicemail, and Caller ID. These additional features may cost you additional dollars per piece. You can be charged close to $8 for these additional features but it will cost the service provider a few cents. Therefore, only get the features you need. Do not sign-up for something extra.

Similarly, another common additional charge that your provider might include in your bill is the wire maintenance fee. Most people do not cancel this charge and never get benefit from the option. You might get wire repair or maintenance for free with this option but repairs like these are very rare unless you have an old house.

Get prepaid cards

Another way of paying less for your landline is by purchasing prepaid cards. They will lower your long-distance calling bills. You can sign-up for the most basic plan with your landline provider and rely mostly on these prepaid phone cards. The prices are usually rock bottom. You might be charged as low as 5 cents a minute. While making a call, you need an access code. Many phones have the option to install the access code so that you do not have to enter it every time while making a call.

Final Verdict

The last thing you need to understand about the home phone service is that their offers keep on changing. All you have to do is hunt these offers and get the one which suits your requirements. There are multiple ways to follow up. You can call the landline provider once in a while to check for any new plans. You can check the website and follow their social media channels to know about the new deals. When the price is right, sign-up immediately.