Is Quantum Fiber the same as CenturyLink? Or are they different? If they are different, how so? These are some of the common questions that most people who have interacted with any of the internet service providers ask.

Let’s answer all of your questions to help you understand the differences between Quantum Fiber and CenturyLink.

To start off, Quantum Fiber and CenturyLink are two popular internet service providers in the US. Both offer high-speed internet service to residential and commercial customers.

Before deep delving into Quantum Fiber Vs CenturyLink, it is important to note that Quantum Fiber and CenturyLink are two different internet service providers. The two ISPs have different technologies and pricing. For example, while Quantum Fiber uses fiber optics technology, CenturyLink uses a combination of fiber optic and DSL technology, and so on.

Now, let’s discuss each ISP in detail.

What is Quantum Fiber?

Quantum Fiber is a new internet service provider that focuses on providing customers with the fastest and most reliable internet service possible. Quantum Fiber uses optic technology which provides lightning-fast internet speeds, low latency, and high bandwidth. It offers speeds up to 940 Mbps, which is similar to that of CenturyLink’s Fiber Gigabit internet plan.

Moreover, Quantum Fiber customer service is at your disposal around the clock, offering you the feasibility and convenience to get expert help anytime and where. Quantum fiber reviews substantiate that it has a quick response time.

What is CenturyLink?

On the other hand, CenturyLink is a well-established and widely known internet service provider that offers an extensive range of services, including internet, phone, and television services. CenturyLink’s internet services include a combination of DSL and fiber optic technology, ranging from 15 Mbps to 940 Mbps, to meet residential and commercial customers’ specific needs.

What’s more, CenturyLink’s 24/7 customer service is unparalleled. Go through the CenturyLink reviews, and you will get an idea of its customer service that meets the highest industry standards. So, in case of an internet outage, you must know that CenturyLink has got your back.

Let’s compare Quantum Fiber and CenturyLink on the parameters of Speed and Pricing.


Quantum Fiber offers two internet plans, one that offers speeds up to 200 Mbps and the other that offers a speed up to 940 Mbps. Be it any plan, the speed is enough for gamers and businesses that heavily rely on cloud services.

CenturyLink Internet, on the other hand, offers 5 plans. The first plan is the most basic plan that offers up to 15 Mbps, which is suitable for anyone who needs internet for casual browsing. The second plan offers up to 20 Mbps, and the third and fourth plans offer up to 80 Mbps and 100 Mbps, respectively. The last plan offered by CenturyLink, which is also called CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit offers up to 940 Mbps, which is fast enough for streaming 4K videos.

Quantum Fiber Internet and CenturyLink Internet are equal in terms of speed; however, CenturyLink caters to a wide range of customers with its various options that meet different goals.


Quantum Fiber and CenturyLink, both offer competitive rates.

You may choose from any of the cost-effective internet plans that Quantum Fiber offers:

PlanDownload SpeedPriceData Cap
Quantum Fiber Internet Up to 200 Mbps Check here Unlimited

CenturyLink on the other hand has the following price ranges:

PlanDownload SpeedPriceData Cap
CenturyLink Internet 15 Mbps Up to 15 Mbps Check here Unlimited
CenturyLink Internet 20 Mbps Up to 20 Mbps Check here Unlimited
CenturyLink Internet 40 Mbps - 80 Mbps Up to 40 Mbps- 80 Mbps Check here Unlimited
CenturyLink Internet 100 Mbps Up to 100 Mbps Check here Unlimited
CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit Up to 940 Mbps Check here Unlimited

Check out the overview of CenturyLink internet plans here.

Wrapping Up

Both Quantum Fiber and CenturyLink are great options for customers looking for high-speed internet. While Quantum uses fiber optics technology, CenturyLink uses both DSL and fiber optics technology. Also, CenturyLink offers an extensive range of options for customers with different needs and budgets. So, ultimately the right choice depends on your individual needs and priorities.

Is Quantum Fiber any good?

Quantum Fiber offers internet speeds up to 940 Mbps, which is perfect for households or businesses with heavy internet usage. It can handle multiple doing high bandwidth activities. So, yes Quantum Fiber is really good.

Who bought Quantum Fiber?

CenturyLink has transformed into Quantum Fiber.

Is Quantum Fiber actually fiber-optic?

Quantum Fiber uses fiber optics to provide extremely fast internet speeds of up to 940 Mbps.

Does CenturyLink Quantum Fiber have a data cap?

No, both of CenturyLink Quantum Fiber’s plans come with no data caps and contracts.