Every new technology that comes our way brings with it an improvement, challenges, and productivity in concerned fields. 5G internet technology, that came after 4G, is expected to go a few steps ahead of the previous one. 5G internet is no exception in its concerned domains. This latest internet technology, although not as widespread as 4G, is expected to offer its consumers high-speed and wide-ranged internet. It will go hand in hand with upcoming technologies like AR, AI, and VR, which 4G may have never handled skilfully. It is expected to break records of all previous internet technologies. But is it just going to be a piece of good news? What challenges would it bring along? Read further to see what may come as a result!

What is 5G Wi-Fi

5G internet

Conventionally we have been receiving internet at our homes through satellite or direct-wired connection (cable or fiber), 5G internet however does not function on the same grounds. It promises to deliver internet to our homes directly through a wireless connection. It means we will not have to fight and sort out wires in the area where we plan to install the internet connection. No one likes a mess, anyway. 5G Wi-Fi will only work for those using the 5G wireless network. The base station of this wireless plan is FWA (fixed wireless access), where it originates and directly connects to an end-user location. Other than this, it works just the same way as other networks do.



It is known that 5G will offer speeds and bandwidth that 4G could not. It is also given that 5G requires a standardized infrastructure to support its working. It means since 5G requires higher frequencies to enable radio waves, also known as beamforming, it would also need numerous antennas to cater to multiple users; the limitation with that being 5G antennas will beam out only over shorter distances. People living in rural areas would nonetheless face the same issues they encounter with LTE and 5G may only become a luxury of the privileged. In order to better their state, 5G service providers will have to inspire cities to install extra repeaters to help in spreading radio waves to cover more area. What may happen as a result is that carriers will tend to use lower-frequency bands in an attempt to cover wider areas until 5G has matured.



When a new network comes into being and practice, it brings with it a whole new set of requirements that are not only time-consuming but also quite costly. Installing a network in the first place is expensive. Just like LTE incurred high costs, in the beginning, 5G is expected to bring the same demands to the table. On top of that, 5G is an entirely independent network, scratching its base from the roots in a bid to surface something new. In short, it is not merely demanding a good amount of cost for its infrastructure, but also an entirely new plan to get on board.


Everybody talks about the ways 5G will change the experience of using the internet on smartphones and other devices. The files that take hours to download would download in a matter of seconds. Irrespective of that, what concerns the awaiting users is the facts about 5G’s availability and practice at the global scale. Some carriers, who have already launched 5G pilots for trials in some cities, also hint at being the privileged ones as far as having the required devices, but what is expected in the future is compatible mobile devices so that 5G can be used everywhere.

Safety and Privacy

safety and privarte

Whenever a data-driven technology takes birth, it brings with it a multitude of challenges with respect to security and privacy. Although 5G comes under AKA (Authentication and Key Agreement), the mechanics of the systems may leave some loopholes that could cause threat to the users. The mechanism through which these technologies work comprises of trust between networks; nonetheless, not hindering consumers in tracking nearby users engaged on their phones. 5G users may also be privy to the ongoing chats on phone calls.

It would not be wrong to admit the internet has become a necessity for every person living in this age of technology. Most of our concerns about daily routine involve getting a better internet connection, or leaving off to a land that does not depend on internet. Given the sleek possibility of the second option, we will help you check out the best internet speeds by reliable providers, which will promise you good coverage at a good price.