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PGA Tour & NBC Sports Group Enter Into a Multi-Year Digital Partnership

Author: Loraine Updated: 30 Oct, 2019

The NBC Sports Gold will be starting in the year 2019 and it will be home for the United States for PGA Tour Live. This is going to be a multi-year digital partnership which will include the rights to all Thursday and Friday morning coverage shows from 28 events.

Launched in 2015, PGA Tour Live has done several exclusive shows with some of the best players in the world. This particular platform has a lot of fan following because it features real-time highlights as well as replays of the tournaments.

It is now a well-established fact that NBC Gold is the pioneer in the sports industry as it was the first one to introduce directly to consumer streaming of live sports. Apart from offering the live shows, NBC Sports Gold offers various packages to its fans so that they can travel to other countries in order to see world cup matches, premier leagues, and marathons. This is quite an interesting offer by NBC Sports Gold and people cannot wait to get these amazing packages. Moreover, in the year 2019, PGA Tour Live application will be developed and it will be available on several platforms including Android, IOS, and desktops.

According to the Chief Media Officer of PGA Tour, Rick Anderson, the company has received tremendous feedback from its fans and they are looking forward to serving them in better ways. The company is consistently delivering high-quality coverage of live shows which will improve to another level in the upcoming year as they have entered into a partnership with NBC Gold. PGA Tour will become more accessible by the customers because of the app launch and this will tend to improve the customer base of the company. NBC Gold has worked with PGA Tour Live on various projects, but this time, the idea of the company is unique and it is expected to produce good results for the future of the organization.

In the following year, PGA Tour Live is planning to broadcast exclusive coverage shows for its customers so that they can experience some of the biggest events in the world of sports. The highlights of the PGA Tour Live package in partnership with NBC Gold includes the following aspects: Pre-Game Show: This is a 30 minutes long preview of the program that leads to the morning show. Featured Groups: This is the show that takes place on Thursday and Friday before the afternoon program by Golf Channel.

The featured groups include two coexisting high profile groups for the entire 18-hole rounds. The PGA Tour Live has featured some very popular players like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, and Dustin Johnson. Featured Holes: This is the live coverage of the most iconic holes by PGA Tour. Features Recaps: Users get to watch recaps of the featured players in this package. People who are interested in the subscription of this package will have to wait for some time because this package will become available in the market next year with complete details regarding the price and the features offered in the deal.



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