Bill payments are a nuisance and we all can’t hate the idea enough. We have been at the point where it’s a whole load of bills piled up to be cleared. Every single one of them with separate instructions of payments and clearances, it’s all a mess! Even dreadful are the times when none of the online options are working and you have to find a place to go and pay your bills. Well, in that case, Frontier Communications ensures that the process is as convenient as it should be for its subscribers. Frontier offers two different types of physical payment facilities.

1. Bill Payment via Authorized Agents

2. Bill Payment at Frontier Retail Stores

Let’s dive into the details of the process for each of these:

Payment via Authorized Agents:

Find out the authorized agent for Frontier’s walk-in payments here. Just enter your zip code and the desired search radius, click submit and the redirected page will display a list of all the authorized agents available in that area or the closest nearby region.

Note that the authorized agents charge an extra $1.50 in the name of the service fee on top of your bill payment amount. You may choose to pay in cash, pay order, or check, whichever is convenient for you. Don’t worry if the payment clearance is not reflected in your Frontier account, instantly. The system takes 1 business day to update the said information. Check back after 24 hours. In case it isn’t updated, simply contact Frontier customer service and a representative will be happy to explain the discrepancy.

Payment via Frontier Retail Stores:

This one is a rather simple method of payment. All you have to do is locate the nearest Frontier retail store. Some of the retailers charge a fee for the service while others do it for absolutely no charges. You may find out the details at the store. You can make the payment in cash, a cheque, or money order. As in the case of payment at authorized billing agents, your payment clearance will be updated on your Frontier account in one business day.

Besides, you can always fall back to Frontier customer support in case of a query and a 24/7 available representative will be happy to assist you.