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Not sure how fast your download speeds are? Use the Mediacom connection speed test to get an estimate on your download and upload speeds with your Mediacom internet. This will allow you to compare your speed and help you upgrade your current plan if you are looking for more speeds. Having high-speed internet opens new possibilities in streaming, online gaming, and download. The streaming platforms now offer 4K streaming and rolling out 8K streaming shortly. Therefore, you should be geared up if you want to stream at such a high resolution.

What are your Mediacom internet speeds?

Mediacom is a top-notch internet provider serviceable in more than 18 states. The provider has a state-of-the-art coaxial cable infrastructure delivering consistent and high-speed internet for the consumers. The speeds vary from 100 Mbps and go as high as 1 Gigabit. Therefore, it is highly recommended for everyday use. Moreover, you get an opportunity to bundle internet with TV and Mediacom phone service. Mediacom cable plans offer diverse and customized channel lineups to get you endless entertainment on your TV screens.

In this guide, you can learn how to use Mediacom speed check. Moreover, we will discuss all the factors that affect internet speeds. If you still need a faster connection, you can call on this number to upgrade your Mediacom internet.

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How to run Mediacom Connection Speed Test?

Speed test work to determine the throughput on your network connection between two points. However, bear in mind that these speed tests are not a definitive measure of your internet speeds. The internet speeds keep on fluctuating based on the bandwidth available. Therefore, no matter which plans you sign up with, the internet speeds are never going to be constant. Other factors that can affect the internet speeds include the distance from the test service, age of your device, network outages, or software installed on your device.

Therefore, it is crucial to make multiple attempts while checking your speeds through a speed test and calculate the average speeds you are getting. You can find multiple tests online. Mediacom recommends using the Mediacom Cable Speed Test for accurate results. Before performing a speed test, please ensure:

All the devices are disconnected from the internet. Any program that is using the internet while performing a speed test may skew the final results.

  • You must be connected to the cable modem directly with the help of an Ethernet cable. If you are performing a speed test through Wi-Fi, it might not get you accurate results.
  • Don’t stick with a single-speed test. Perform a variety of speed tests.
  • Lastly, if you have an older computer, you may not be able to get the desired speeds according to the plan. The older computers have network cards that are limited to 10 Mbps or the processors may not be able to cope up with the high speeds. Therefore, if you want to get the best results, use modern computers.
  • You can check Mediacom internet speed with your gaming systems such as PlayStation or Xbox. However, they may not yield accurate results. The gaming systems by default limit the speed tests running through them. A modem and a computer/laptop are recommended.

Mediacom Internet Speeds

Mediacom offers unparalleled internet speeds for your home and office. Whether you are sitting on the couch looking to binge-watch your favorite TV series or in your room trying to fully immerse yourself in the gaming experience. Connect to the blazing-fast internet with Mediacom’s state-of-the-art networking technology and enjoy seamless connectivity. Mediacom download speeds vary from 60 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. The best plan for all types of usage is the Internet 100 plan. The speeds are sufficient for HD Streaming on Netflix, Prime, and other streaming platforms. You can also enjoy lag-free gaming on your consoles and PC. Get Mediacom’s high-speed internet today!

Internet Plan Download Speed Price
Internet 60 Up to 60 Mbps $19.99* Call to Order
Internet 100 Up to 100 Mbps $49.99* Call to Order
Internet 1 Gig Up to 1000 Mbps $79.99* Call to Order
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*For 12 months. Plus, activation, installation, and monthly modem rental fees.

Internet Speed Guide

Internet speeds play a crucial role in our day-to-day adventures. In this pandemic where we all are confined to our homes, having a stable internet connection is the need of the hour. Without high-speed internet, you would not be able to stream in high-definition. There are certain requirements to stream in HD and run online games without lag.

How much internet speed do we need for streaming?

Every streaming service has a different requirement for download speeds. Therefore, it is crucial to have high-speed internet to make everything running smoothly.

  • Netflix requires you to have a minimum of 3 Mbps to stream in standard definition. If you need to stream in high-definition, you need a minimum of 5 Mbps.
  • We live in the era of 4K resolution and people are getting rid of HD streaming by opting for UHD and 4K. Streaming in 4K requires up to 25 Mbps.
  • Hulu requires 3 Mbps for the on-demand service and it requires 8 Mbps for Live TV.
  • YouTube’s requirement is 3 Mbps.

These speed requirements are for a single device. If you are looking to stream on multiple devices simultaneously, you require double the speeds.

What internet speeds do you need for gaming?

Many game developers are looking to raise the standard for online gaming. This involves the development of games with higher graphics. You need at least 25 Mbps for seamless connectivity and lag-free gaming online. Run Mediacom speed check to see what speeds you are getting an upgrade if you do not have the required speeds.

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Mediacom is a reliable provider with excellent coverage. Mediacom Customer Service is well-equipped to handle all the queries related to the service. Run Mediacom cable internet speed test for getting information on the speeds you are getting. If you think your speeds are low, sign-up for Mediacom or upgrade your current plan.