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*Plus installation, activation, modem rental, taxes & fees. Price includes $10/mo discount for autopay & paperless billing. ±

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Finding a reliable internet provider is important if you want to enjoy smooth services without disruptions or downtimes. That is when you come across numerous choices that seem credible and worth choosing. Similarly, many of you must wonder, “Is Xtream Mediacom good?”

Well, we're here to illustrate some important insights into the performance of Xtream powered by Mediacom. With these, you’ll be able to see how good of a choice is Xtream. So, let’s get started:

How Good Is Xtream Internet by Mediacom?

When it comes to internet services, Xtream Mediacom brings an amazing quality of service alongside several perks. With Xtream internet plans, you get:

  • Reliable customer support
  • Affordable rates
  • Professional installation services
  • Wide availability

Get a detailed insight into the benefits of using Xtream Mediacom internet services here, and you’ll surely contact support for choosing your plan right away.

Contact Xtream Customer Service: 1-855-386-4094

What Services Does Xtream Mediacom Offer?

Apart from Xtream internet, customers can get access to a pool of services, including cable TV via Variety TV, phone services, bundle offers, and business offers. Simply reach out to Xtream customer service and you’ll get sorted for your queries without any hassle.

Contact Xtream Customer Service: 1-855-386-4094

Is Xtreme Mediacom Really Good?

In terms of how good is Xtream by Mediacom, here are some spectacular features that make it stand out from the rest of the competitors:

  • Speed range up to 1 Gbps
  • Internet + cable TV + phone bundle offer only at $109.99*
  • Unlimited nationwide calling & 13 calling features
  • Up to 170 local, cable, sports & music channels with HD Receiver
*for 1 year
*Plus monthly local broadcast station surcharge ranging from $17.10 to $24.62, monthly regional sports charge ranging from $1.13 to $14.20. Installation, activation, modem rental, taxes & fees also apply. Price includes $10/mo discount for autopay & paperless billing. ±


Closing Thoughts

With all said and done, we can surely answer ‘is Xtream Mediacom good’ with a ‘YES’. It brings a compelling range of services with amazing quality and caters to the customers’ needs in the best way. Simply reach out to customer support by calling 1-855-386-4094 for assistance or queries of any sort.