Xfinity Overview

Xfinity is a top-notch cable service provider in the United States. It has the largest cable infrastructure making it the largest residential cable service provider in the country. Xfinity offers high-speed internet, HD TV, Digital phone, and home security service. You can either get a single service or bundle all four to save on your monthly bill. The internet speeds vary from 50 Mbps to 1000 Mbps making it a popular choice for online gaming, 4K streaming, and excessive downloading. Although the prices vary from location to location, you can get a great deal as the standalone plans or bundles are quite within the range.

In addition to the exceptional service, Xfinity has great customer service. You can get all the information regarding billing, equipment, plans, and troubleshooting just by reaching out to customer service. In this article, we will present a comprehensive guide to Xfinity Customer Service. You will get all the relevant information about billing, troubleshooting, and customer service hours. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Xfinity Customer Service

Having multi-channel customer service is crucial these days. The new era brings new possibilities to the world of technology and customer service departments should follow the trend. You cannot rely on call centers anymore as people want convenient solutions to their problems without wasting their precious time. Xfinity understands this basic consumer need and therefore, there are many channels to reach customer service.

Is Xfinity customer service 24-hours?

Xfinity offers 24/7 support when it comes to reaching them out through the phone. The representatives are well versed and trained. Most importantly, they are very professional giving you the best possible solution to your problem.

Things to expect from Xfinity Customer Service

The Xfinity customer service is functional from Monday — Saturday, 7 a.m.-9 p.m. There are many things that customer support will assist you with. Here are some of them:

Tech Support

The jargon surrounding the internet and cable might be a bit confusing. How do you set up a modem? How can you activate your modem or router? What if your internet has no connection? These are day-to-day problems every user might face. In light of these common problems, you cannot rely on manuals to fix things. Therefore, you require expert support. Xfinity has a highly trained technical department to assist you in all the troubleshooting and equipment-related issues. You can reach out by directly calling customer service.

Billing and Payments

There are many different ways to pay your Xfinity bills. You can pay your bills on the website, through SMS, by mail, and by going to the Xfinity stores. Nevertheless, you might have some concerns regarding the bills. To handle all these concerns, Xfinity has a billing & payments department. You can discuss your plan and its price in detail.

Customize or change your plan

We constantly evolving as human beings. Our needs keep on changing. The TV plan we signed up for once, does not meet your current requirements and it is completely fine. Xfinity does not force you to keep a plan forever even when you are in a service agreement. You can get more channels, lose some premium packs, or add another service without any hassle. For information regarding customization and organization of the plan, you can always reach out the customer service.

Check Appointment Status

Once you have placed your order, it takes some days for the service to be installed. If you still want to check the status of your appointment, you can reach out to customer support.

Call Xfinity Customer Service at 1-844-207-8722

Things you need when calling the customer support

It is important to be ready while calling customer support. Here are some of the things you require while contacting customer support so that they may assist you in the best possible way:

  • Zip Code

  • The phone number associated with your account

  • Xfinity Account Number

How to pay your Xfinity Bill?

As we discussed earlier, Xfinity offers convenient bill payment solutions. There are half a dozen different methods to pay your Xfinity bill. You can choose the method that is the most convenient for you.


You can pay your bill by reaching out to customer service. Dial the phone number and an agent will assist you.


You can visit to make an Xfinity bill payment. This process is quite simple and does not take much of your time.


Xfinity has a great app to assist you regarding billing and all the other information regarding your service. Download the Xfinity My Account app and follow the instructions to make the payment.

Store Payment

You can visit any of the nearest stores to pay the bill in person.

Live Chat

Xfinity has live chat as well. The agent will guide you through the process.


Xfinity offers automatic bill payment as well. By subscribing to this option, your bill will be deducted from your account automatically. In addition, you will be eligible for exciting deals and promotions on your Xfinity bill.


Is Xfinity mobile customer service 24 hours? The answer is yes! Xfinity customer service brings convenience around the clock. Reach out to an expert and get information regarding billing, tech support, and customizing your plan.