WOW! Is the abbreviated term for the words “Wide Open West!

WOW! happens to be one of the largest coaxial cable internet, cable TV streaming, and telephone service providers in the Midwest and South region of the country. If you’re looking for an internet service provider that is highly reliable, offers near gigabit speeds offer unlimited data for downloads and upload along has internet plans that can be availed without having to be bound down by a contract, then WOW! Internet is the one that you need if you need a connection in an area where the internet service is available from the provider.

There happen to be certain aspects of an internet service provider that elevate it onto a pedestal that is completely its own, for WOW! Internet, this aspect happens to be its WOW! Customer Service. We could go on and on about the importance of good customer service but to sum it up. Customer service is all about the interactions that you have with a service provider after you have subscribed to a plan or package, how highly you rate a good customer service level depends upon how highly you value post-sale services.

WOW! Customer Service and Support

To connect with WOW! Customer Service, you need to pick the phone up and dial 1-855-349-9313 so that you may enquire about all things WOW! Related with a representative of the company.

WOW! Customer Service happens to be one of the very best in the country and one of the reasons for this is that the internet service provider has a 24/7/365 available helpline which is present to help and accommodate all of its customers. Once you have placed a call on this number you can do several things. You could enquire about some new internet plans on offer from WOW! you could record a formal complaint regarding a dip in service quality, you may look into acquiring some technical support or you may even enquire about the different modes you can use to pay your bill.

Modes to Connect with WOW! Customer Service

WOW! Sales Customer Support

To talk to a WOW! sales representative you need to dial 1-855-349-9313. You could get information regarding WOW! Internet packages, prices, and availability in the area where you desire an internet connection. If you’re looking to save some hard-earned money and get the best WOW! Internet deal, then you need to place a call on this number.

WOW! Live Chat

Conserving time and resources is exactly what the 21st century is about and that is exactly what WOW! Has tried to do with bringing its customer service department a step closer to its customers through availability on online platforms. Just visit the WOW! Support page and you would be able to see the “chat bubble” which is located at the bottom right corner of your screen. A customer could address any query that he or she has regarding technical support, bill payment, plans, prices, and bundles through this platform. However, the best thing that this feature does is it allows the customer to skip the call waiting for lines and directly address a representative of the company to forward his or her complaint regarding service.

WOW! E-Mail Contact

There can exist a situation in which you would be required to send scanned documents, photos of equipment, screenshots, etc. to the ever responsible WOW! Staff. Perhaps the most secure method of doing this is via electronic mail. You can get in touch with WOW! To report an internet outage by sending an email to the following address:

Officially, you may receive a reply to your email in a few business days, however, that’s just the disclaimer that the service provider gives its customers, you can pretty much expect a reply to come in a lot faster.

WOW! Technical Customer Support

As far as reliability as to go, WOW! Is pretty much at the top of the charts concerning it. However, there may come a time when the services of even WOW! Take a hit and you would have to address them with the WOW! Customer Support representatives. Issues regarding WOW! Internet, Cable TV, and or residential phones services may arise and to get a handle on them in a timely fashion, you would need to pick the phone up and dial 1-855-496-9929 to register your complaint or to inform the service provider about an outage that has occurred in an area so that they may get a handle on things at the earliest.

Is Your WOW! Gateway Giving You Trouble?

If you are facing any issue with your WOW! Internet connection, equipment, or connectivity in general, then you need to follow the following steps to remedy the issues if they are such that can be resolved without external help from the internet service provider.

Check all the wires and connections to see if they are all fixed and connected appropriately. Once you have checked those and the internet connection still hasn’t improved, then we would have to try and resolve the issue by restarting the gateway device.

To do that you would first have to turn the internet-enabled devices off i.e. computers, laptops, etc. then proceed to unplug the power cord or power supply from the gateway device. Once you have done this, allow the device some time to cool down. This may take a minute or two.

Once the above step has been done, you would be able to see that the status indicator signal or light has not switched off, this indicates that the gateway device has a backup battery. You would be required to press and hold the reset button which is located at the back of the gateway device. Make sure that you don’t hold the button down for more than 5 seconds. Holding the button down for more than 5 seconds might cause the wireless settings to reset.

Attach all the cords that you have removed i.e. the power supply cord and then turn the gateway device on. You are required to give the device some 5 minutes of standby time so that it reboots perfectly. You’ll notice that the lights on the status indicator would bring to light up again. Take your time, maybe drink a glass of water while you wait.

Observe that once the indicator lights turn solid, the device is ready to be connected with all of your internet-enabled devices.

By any chance, if this does not do the trick, then you would need to call up WOW! Customer Service and inform them of the issue so that you could get timely assistance so that the internet downtime is not that high.

Is There a WOW! Outage in Your Area?

WOW! Do not shy away from finding new ways to make the lives of their customers easy. WOW! Makes sure that all of its customers are constantly updated regarding information about outages and all activities that may affect the performance of the internet connection i.e. maintenance activities.

If you feel that your internet connection is lost or suspect that you may have to face some significant internet downtime, then just check out the WOW! Maintenance Advisory page for information regarding WOW! Outages or contact WOW! Customer Service at 1-855-496-9929 to talk directly to a WOW! Representative.