Are you looking for a reliable internet connection and considering Windstream as an option? Well, great choice! But, before you sign up for Windstream Internet, you should know whether it is DSL or cable, so you can choose the right connection as per your needs.

Windstream is available all over the US and uses DSL, cable, fiber, and hybrid fiber-DSL networks to provide high-speed internet to both residential and business customers. While the company only promotes three of its ultra-fast Kinetic Internet packages on the website, it also claims to offer DSL widely in rural areas. The availability of Kinetic Internet packages highly varies for different locations as the company is still growing its Fiber infrastructure.

Best Windstream Internet Plans

Here are the best Windstream Internet packages:

Plans Download Speeds
Kinetic Internet 400 Up to 400 Mbps Call Now
Kinetic Internet 500 Up to 500 Mbps Call Now
Kinetic Gig Internet Up to 1000 Mbps Call Now

Windstream is offering the latest Kinetic Internet service across Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Mississippi, New York, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and a lot more states. If you’re lucky enough to be eligible for Kinetic by Windstream, then get it today and enjoy:

  • Super reliable internet service
  • Multi-device connectivity
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Unlimited data
  • Enhanced internet security with Kinetic Secure by Windstream
  • Contract-free services

Wrapping up

The major types of internet connections offered by Windstream include DSL, cable, fiber-optic, and hybrid fiber-DSL. The plans and packages available to you highly vary according to your geographical region. If you live in the suburbs or rural areas, you’re likely to access Windstream DSL plans. However, if you live in any of the states mentioned above, you can easily get Kinetic Internet plans by Windstream. For eligibility and further information, you can contact Windstream customer service.