For people living in the suburbs and rural areas of the United States, connecting to the internet has not been as easy. Now that the infrastructure law has been passed under the Biden regime, we can assume that fast and reliable internet access will find its way to the homes of 30 million Americans living in areas with no present broadband infrastructure. Till then, the only connectivity for these 30 million people is satellite internet.

This blog post dives deep to find the answer to ‘is satellite internet good?’ so that the masses traveling up the countryside can make up their minds and the individuals living there can understand how to make the most out of satellite internet service.

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Why Should I Use Satellite Internet?

The short answer to this precise question would be that it is the only internet service that is massively available everywhere in the United States. So, if you are living in an area where there is no other broadband available, you can always count on satellite internet providers for internet connectivity.

Since cable and fiber internet options are as bleak as one might think in the outskirts of America, satellite internet comes off as a popular option. While it has a number of shortcomings including slow internet speeds and costliness, it can make you connect with the world from anywhere and that is its biggest flex.

Another fortunate thing about satellite internet is that it has been improving exponentially over the years and has come a long way now. Moreover, since Elon Musk has ventured into the satellite internet niche with his flagship, ‘Starlink,’ things have started to look brighter in this arena.

Is Satellite Internet Good?

Well, before going any further in this section, answer this: ‘Are you still using dial-up service?’ If yes, then satellite internet is definitely good and an upgrade for you. While the speed increase would depend on the internet plan you opt for, you can expect a speed hike of at least 10 times than a dial-up connection.

Furthermore, since it is widely available, no matter where you are, you can rely on the good name of satellite internet for connectivity with the outside world. What’s more, satellite internet networks can easily handle high bandwidth usage, which means that ‘peak hours’ or ‘a lot of users.’ would not affect the quality of your connection.

One more thing that makes satellite internet a good option (for people living in areas where cable and fiber connections are not available) is that it has a quick recovery time post-disaster. For instance, if a storm hits an area and satellite internet goes out, it will be recovered as soon as the storm settles down.

Is Satellite Internet Reliable?

For the solutions that satellite internet is designed for, it really does come through. Satellite internet is formulated to reach regions that are not connected terrestrially and that is what it does amicably. If you think that you can get a seamless cable modem-like experience or a high-speed fiber-optic flash from satellite internet, then you are mistaken. However, if you want to stay connected and are interested in an upgrade from your dial-up or even some DSL services, then satellite internet should be your go-to option.

Since every other thing is relative and subjective, the answer to ‘is satellite internet reliable,’ is constrained to what your priorities are. If all you want is to go for general surfing and stay online, then perhaps satellite internet is reliable for you. On the other hand, if you are an avid gamer or want to share heavy files over the internet, then you might not find it that reliable.

Downsides of Satellite Internet

Since we have discussed the good and beneficial parts of satellite internet, let’s shed some light on the bad and ugly ones.

Satellite internet is expensive and comes with strict data caps. Although the newest entrant in the satellite internet industry, Starlink, imposes no data restrictions, it is not widely available at this point. Furthermore, satellite internet providers obligate users with long-term contracts, making the switch a little too difficult for them.

High ping rate or latency makes it difficult to conduct any real-time bandwidth-intensive activity for satellite internet users, so if you want to take part in a multiplayer online game, it’s better that you don’t.

You cannot connect to a VPN with satellite internet since VPNs require high bandwidth and low latency setup and satellite internet is the exact opposite.

While we gathered from the above sections that satellite internet can recover quickly post-disaster, it is also essential to pin down that bad weather affects it instantly. Another major downside of satellite internet is that it rarely offers services in heavily wooded places or deep canyons.

The Final Verdict

Now that we have put forth all the pros and cons of satellite internet on the table, it is time to come up with the final verdict. From where we stand, satellite internet reviews make it sound great for those who cannot subscribe to cable or fiber connections because of availability issues. However, if you can connect with better internet service, it is wiser to skip satellite connections altogether. Contact 1-844-763-0449 to grab the best internet deals in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Satellite Internet recommended for?

For people living in rural areas or in regions that are prone to natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, satellite internet might just be the best choice.

Has Satellite Internet improved?

Over the past twenty years, satellite internet has progressed exponentially. Satellite internet speeds have been improved, thanks to new technology. Moreover, a number of satellite ISPs are investing in low-orbit satellite constellations to get faster speeds with lower latency levels.

How reliable is Satellite Internet?

It is not that reliable when it comes to high internet speeds and heavy-data online activities. It can also be affected by bad weather easily. However, it is reliable when it comes to availability.

How good is Satellite Internet than a dial-up connection?

If you are currently using a dial-up service, satellite internet sure is a step up as it can deliver 10x faster speeds.

How much does Satellite Internet cost?

The average cost of satellite internet service varies from provider to provider. You can click here to find out the latest pricing and deals on satellite internet.