Today internet and gaming go hand in hand as most modern games require a stable internet connection, whether they are multiplayer or single-player titles. Well, having the internet for multiplayer games sounds plausible since players all over the world are able to play together through the internet, and the same goes for single-player games. There are constant updates and improvements that developers deploy over their games irrespective of the player count and the nature of the game, which is why most single-player games today also require a stable connection to the internet.

Talking multiplayer gaming, it has completely transcended the internet. Most popular games today like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PUBG, among many others, solely work over the internet as they are multiplayer games and through the internet, these games connect gamers all around the world. However, one of the biggest problems gamers face regarding their internet connectivity is lag, and to eliminate the lag, a stable internet connection is required. So what is lag and why is it a problem, let’s find out:

What is Lag and Why it’s a Problem?

Lag is the absolute worst nightmare of any online gamer, it is the time taken by a player’s move to reflect in the game, and the more the lag is, the slower this response will translate in the game. This slow response can turn the tide of any game, especially in a scenario where the opponent has a better internet connection providing him with less lag.

As lagging occurs solely due to poor internet connection it is recommended to go with specialized connections made for gaming. Luckily there are service providers like Cox who offer special internet connections like these, and here we are going to discuss their Elite gamer connection. So if you want to know ‘if Cox Elite Gamer is worth it, keep reading this blog.

Cox Elite Gamer Connection 

Elite Gamer Connection is a free service offered by Cox to its Panoramic Wi-Fi users. With Elite Gamer, users get 32% less lag, low and stable ping, and less jitter and latency. All these might sound like technical terms for a normal user but a gamer fully understands these terms and how important they are for their performance in an online game.

So if you’re still wondering is Cox Elite Gamer worth it? The simple answer to this question is YES! it’s worth every penny. However, there isn’t any money involved since Elite gamer is part of Cox Panoramic Wifi Gateway. Users just need to select their desired internet package from Cox internet plans and select Panoramic Wifi Gateway as their desired equipment in order to get the Elite gamer connection without any additional cost.

Summing Up

The Internet has become an essential part of the gaming infrastructure today. This is why it is necessary to go with the kind of provider that offers something extra to its gaming audience. And Cox Elite Gamer comes as one of the best internet setups for gamers. In regards to the question, is Cox Elite gamer worth it? Yes, absolutely that’s because it comes with so many perks and privileges for gamers and is completely free, so there is no harm in giving it a shot.

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