The availability of internet providers depends on the area where you live. Not all ISPs offer services wide across the country. In fact, most Americans have a limited number of internet providers that offer internet services within their specific area. This is why you must begin your search by checking out the availability of internet companies in your zip.

If you’ve chosen AT&T Fiber internet for your home or business, first of all, we must say you have made a great choice. AT&T Fiber is one of the finest and fastest internet services in the US currently. In case you’re wondering, “is AT&T Fiber available in my area?”, then this guideline is going to help you find out its availability and what plans you could choose from if you get lucky enough to find it in your area.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin:

Check Availability Through Zip Code

The best way to find out the availability of AT&T Fiber or any other internet provider is by checking through the zip code of your specific area. You can simply go to LocalCableDeals, and enter the zip code of your area in the search bar. A list of internet providers will pop up on the screen and you can scan it to see if AT&T Fiber is serving in your specific area.

AT&T’s Fiber Network is one of the largest in the US. There is a high chance you can get service, but zip code search is still a safer way to check if it's specifically available in your area or not. Mainly, AT&T Fiber is available in major cities in southeastern states, such as California. You can find more information about its availability through AT&T Coverage Map on their official website.

Where AT&T Fiber Service is Available

Arkansas Alabama
California Georgia
Florida Indiana
Illinois Kentucky
Kansas Michigan
Louisiana Missouri
Mississippi North Carolina
Nevada Oklahoma
Ohio Tennessee
South Carolina Wisconsin

Contact AT&T Customer Service

Another way of checking if AT&T Fiber internet is available near me is by contacting AT&T customer service. You can contact them by phone or live chat. The 24/7 available support team will help you with all your queries. You can ask everything you need to know about AT&T Fiber internet plans, prices, availability, and a lot more.

How to Contact AT&T Customer Service?

Well, contacting AT&T customer service is as easy as it could get. AT&T offers more than one way of reaching out to them. The technical support team is available 24/7 to help you so that your issues and queries could be answered immediately regardless of the time.

However, the best time to contact the AT&T customer service number is between 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Monday to Friday. And if you want to contact on weekends, you have to contact between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Other ways to reach out to AT&T customer support are:

  • AT&T Live Chat
  • AT&T Social Media
  • AT&T Stores

Choose Your AT&T Fiber Internet Plan

Once you find out if AT&T Fiber is available in your area, the next step is to choose the right plans for your home. Currently, AT&T Fiber is offering 5 major plans, i.e.:

AT&T Fiber Internet 300

This plan offers up to 300 Mbps equal upload and download speeds. The super-fast internet speeds you get to enjoy with this plan are enough to keep you and your whole family entertained. The upload and download speeds offered by AT&T Fiber Internet 300 let you connect up to 10+ devices at once throughout your whole home. The plan also includes Free AT&T Internet Security.

AT&T Fiber Internet 500

You get to enjoy up to 500 Mbps of equal upload and download speeds. It’s your go-to plan for faster speeds and more bandwidth if you want to have a connected household. The upload speeds offered in this plan are 20× faster than cable. It allows you to power even more devices so that everyone can enjoy their own screens. And to keep you extra secure online, this plan also offers Free AT&T Internet Security.

AT&T Fiber Internet 1000

You must have guessed it by the name; this plan offers up to 1 Gig. These fast speeds are ideal for seamless connectivity and smart homes. You can enjoy an ultra-low lag gaming experience with AT&T Fiber Internet 1000 plan. The upload speeds are 25× faster than what a cable connection offers.

AT&T Fiber Internet 2000

The ultra-fast 2000 Mbps internet speeds are ideal for a household with various online activities consisting of work, family and school online activities. With unlimited data, it is unlikely that you will run out before the end of the month. The AT&T Internet Security is also included with this plan to keep all your devices secure. The AT&T Fiber Internet 2000 plan comes without an annual contract.

AT&T Fiber Internet 5000

The AT&T Fiber internet speeds don’t stop here. You can have the fastest internet speeds up to 5000 Mbps, with equal download and upload speeds, if you subscribe to AT&T Fiber Internet 5000. The opportunities you can get with this plan are truly unlimited; you can manage the home theatre system, stream videos in UHD, download heavy files, play online multiplayer games all at the same time.

Call the AT&T customer service at 1-855-386-4590 to subscribe to your favorite internet plans.

Look at Promotions For New Customers

Most service providers often give out promotions as a welcoming gesture to new customers. Therefore, chances are that you’ll find some generous promotions at AT&T Fiber while signing up too.

Reasons to Choose AT&T Fiber

Here’s why AT&T Fiber should be your #1 priority when it comes to internet providers:

  • It delivers the best speeds up to 5 Gigs. On top of it, you get to enjoy equal upload and download speeds.
  • Offers more bandwidth than cable, allowing the entire household to stream, game, work, backup data, and send and receive large files at the same time.
  • Consistent fast speeds even during peak times let you run all your connected devices without buffering.
  • 24/7 proactive security with Free AT&T Internet Security helps your data stay protected from online threats.
  • AT&T Fiber internet plans do not include any data caps.
  • No annual contract.
  • No equipment fees.

How to Request AT&T Fiber in My Area?

Do you know that you can also request AT&T to bring Fiber to your area if it does not deliver where you live? Well, you still have a chance to get the services. You can request at AT&T forums to bring AT&T Fiber to your entire neighborhood. The more requests they receive from individual homeowners in your area, the higher the chances you’ll have serviceability.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does AT&T Fiber internet service cost?

It depends on the monthly plan you choose. Usually, the price of the service goes hand in hand with the speeds of the internet. The higher the speed plan you opt for, the pricier it gets.

What is the best AT&T Fiber internet plan for gaming?

If you want to enjoy ultra-low lag, pro-level gaming, then AT&T Fiber Internet 1000 is the best plan for you. With up to 1 Gig upload and download speed, you can enjoy the best of your Fortnite and League of Legends experience. With speeds this high, you can stream, play, and connect multiple devices at the same time.

Does the AT&T Fiber plan impose any data caps?

No, AT&T Fiber plans offer unlimited data and do not impose any monthly data caps on your internet usage.

Is AT&T Fiber available everywhere?

AT&T Fiber is mainly available in major cities such as Midwest, California, and Southeastern states as of yet.