Time is changing, so are the dynamics of entertainment. Nowadays, people are preferring online streaming over conventional cable services. People have given up on Cable TV when it comes to their entertainment, as per the new trend. They are choosing online streaming services. Be it for GOT or for the hefty bills they have to pay every month for Cable TV – there is more than one reason for users that are switching to streaming services.

That being said, some notable and leading cable service providers in the US are still trying their best to deliver good entertainment packages – be it Xfinity with its largest footmark in the country, Spectrum TV with its no-contract policy and budget-friendly plans, Cox with its quality services and bundle deals on discounted prices and the likes.

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For those intrigued about how TV streaming work, please know that TV streaming services are linked to the internet. They have their particular web addresses, where they upload the videos that could be watched by their subscribers. Their subscribers can watch all the uploaded videos on their TV screens, laptops, mobiles, tablets, or on their PCs while sitting comfortably in the house or when on-the-go. Hence, the most essential requirement for online streaming is an internet connection with a stable and faster speed before any other thing. So, you have got to ensure the availability and stability of your internet connection to enjoy a hiccup-free experience of watching via online streams.

What is the minimum speed required for TV streaming

Let's have a look at what speed is required for streaming:

Having said that, SD streaming is too outdated these days as compared to others due to the advanced features and constant technical updates. Mostly, 4k and HD streaming are being preferred. This means you need to have a good and stable internet connection with at least 5Mpbs for HD and 25Mbps for 4K streaming.

The second thing you will be needing for TV streaming is a device to watch (wasn’t that obvious?). You will have to plug devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Smart TV, or gaming console into the HDMI port. The cost of these devices is approximately $40-$90.

Who is providing TV streaming services

After setting up an internet connection and a device the third thing required is subscribing to a TV streaming service. There are plenty of services available in the market these days which include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, HBO. There are many other services available too – so much so that you can easily get confused and become unable to decide if you overwhelm yourself with too much information. Research, ask around, read reviews before you subscribe to a service of your choice – that suits you the most. These services charge monthly fees to allow you to stream movies, TV shows, and seasons. However, some websites are providing free streaming as well.

So, basically, when you stream TV through Wi-Fi that's called TV streaming. Let us explain it in more detail. You must have heard of Netflix or Hulu. These are examples of TV streaming services where subscribers have to pay fees on a monthly basis. Then, they can watch whichever movie, show, or season they want to. If you are a movie freak you will love these services. Most of the world is entirely dependent on streaming services during quarantine and the watch time of online streams has hiked like never before.

Now, coming to our recommendation – which online TV streaming service would we recommend to our readers? Well, Netflix has a huge variety, has many new movies available. But, we find most of the Netflix original content is not up to the mark.

One more point is that Hulu has collaborated with FOX and NBC which Netflix has not (as yet). Thus, if you are someone who would want to watch shows like America's Got Talent, The Voice, or Bob's Burgers your choice should be Hulu. Moreover, the shows are being uploaded on Hulu episode wise, whereas, on Netflix, they are being uploaded season-wise. However, both services haven't signed a deal with CBS. As a viewer you know best what your entertainment needs are and what suits your budget – we would recommend you do your research and decide for yourself.

Final Thoughts:

We have tried to gather all the fundamental yet comprehensive details on how TV streaming works to help you understand and get your basic concepts clear. Do share in the comments what you prefer more, cable TV services or streaming online, and which streaming service you would recommend.