The 55th Super Bowl is hands down the most hyped American phenomenon on the entertainment front. The entire country sits together for this game night with one of the world’s biggest and fanciest halftime shows. This effectively represents a basic connection to the pop culture thereby enhancing the audience while keeping them heftily entertained. This year the Weeknd will headline the Super Bowl LV halftime show. The iconic Raymond James Stadium that prides itself in historically hosting several super bowl games over the years, now with 65,000+ capacity will open doors to a limited number of spectators to watch the game. Owing to America’s ongoing recovery from the deadly pandemic, the number of attendees is restricted to keep everyone safe. The final number has not been disclosed yet.

The show will go live on 7 February 2021 at 6.30 pm ET/ 3.30 pm PT (5.30 pm CT) across the US. You might want to clear your schedules for the day. The Super Bowl broadcast rights are circulated among various national cable channels, this time it is CBS. Great news because no matter what cable plan you subscribe to, this channel will be there in your line up so you won’t be missing out on anything this year.

The game isn’t the biggest one in the country only, sports enthusiasts from across the globe tune in to catch up on all the drama. Here’s when you should tune in to watch the Super Bowl in the following regions:

  1. Australia: 8th Feb, Monday at 10.30 am AEDT
  2. Japan: 8th Feb, Monday at 8.30 am JST
  3. Mexico: 7th Feb, Sunday at 5.30 pm CST
  4. South Korea: 8th Feb, Monday at 8.30 am KST
  5. UK: 7th Feb, Sunday at 11.30 pm GMT. BBC is broadcasting it free for all the viewers.

What Channel is the Super Bowl On?

Super Bowl is a very sought-after phenomenon for sports, enthusiasts, entertainment lovers, and marketers alike. Super Bowl LV will be broadcast on CBS on the 7th of Februrary’21 for cable tv subscribers. However, a more in-depth experience, lead up coverage as well as post-game analysis will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network. CBS as well as CBS Sports Network are two of those few channels that are available in almost any cable, satellite, or live television service offered in the US.

Best Packages to watch Super Bowl on

  Package Starting Price
Cable Spectrum Select Package $44.99/mo.
for 12 months
Satellite Dish America’s Top 120 $64.99/mo.
Livestreaming YouTube TV $64.99/mo.
Streaming Apps CBS Sports App Free
with cable subscription

Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Super Bowl halftime show is one of the biggest and most coveted gigs of the year. With legendary musicians like Prince, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Beyonce. After the high benchmark set by J-Lo and Shakira last year, The Weeknd will headline the Super Bowl Halftime show this year and we expect nothing less than the bar rising even further. You might as well see a couple of surprise cameos waiting for you too. After 90 minutes of the game kicking in, we expect the halftime show to begin at or around 8 pm Eastern Time, 5 pm Pacific Time, and 1 am GMT.

Top Providers offering the Super Bowl

Medium Provider Price Range
Cable Spectrum $44.99/mo.-$89.99/mo.
Cox $25.00/mo.-$69.99/mo.
Xfinity $30.00/mo.-$84.99/mo.
Optimum $79.99/mo.-$129.99/mo.
AT&T TV $59.99/mo.-$74.99/mo.
Satellite TV Direct TV $64.99/mo.-$74.99/mo.
Dish Network $59.99/mo.-$94.99/mo.
Orby TV $40.00/mo.-$50.00/mo.
Live TV Streaming Sling TV $30.00/mo.-$45.00/mo.
Fire TV Stick $21.99/mo.-$39.99/mo.
YouTube TV $64.99/mo.
Hulu + Live TV $64.99/mo.-$79.99/mo.
Streaming Apps CBS All Access $5.99/mo.-$9.99/mo.
CBS Sports App Free

How to watch the Super Bowl on Cable

Cable offers one of the highest quality of sports broadcast and is widely available across the US. Spectrum Cable is by far the second-largest cable provider with over 15.65 million residential and business consumers across the US as of June 2020. Hence, it is most likely that your area has access to an affordable and reliable cable connection like Spectrum. The cable market is largely lead by Xfinity with 20.3 million subscribers as of June 2020. Cox follows the two behemoths with the third-largest cable coverage. Unless you are a resident of a remote or rural area, you are bound to have access to any of the top three to keep you entertained during the Super Bowl LV as it is the phenomena that you will have to work hard to miss.

How to watch the Super Bowl without Cable 2021

Besides CBS there are numerous ways as to how to watch the Super Bowl, here are a few:

How to watch the Super Bowl on Satellite TV

There are remote areas where cable companies are a little reluctant to go or spread their network as the investment is huge as compared to potential returns. Satellite television comes in handy when rural areas are considered. However costly, satellite television is your savior for any entertainment or sports enthusiast anywhere in the US. Whether you are on your road trip across America or living on a peaceful ranch somewhere in Wyoming, satellite television will bring your favorite games home. All you need is a great satellite television subscription-like DIRECTV or DISHTV and a clear view of the southern sky.

How to watch the Super Bowl on Streaming TV

‘Streaming TV is cheaper’ well, this statement is nothing more than a myth now. Streaming services used to be cheaper alternatives to more expensive cable and satellite television services; however, ever since prominent market players like YouTube TV and Hulu raised their basic monthly charges to $64.99, streaming is no longer inexpensive.

Livestreaming comes in handy when you want to take your favorite shows or Super Bowl to mobile devices. Streaming TV makes any screen you own, your pocket television. So, if you have to wait in Target’s parking lot for your wife to finish her Target spree, you might as well want to stream your favorite game as you finish the wait of a lifetime. 

Besides the top streamers, you can check out the more affordable streaming alternatives like fubo TV starting at $64.99 whereas you can stream the best Spanish content for three months straight at a mere $24.99/mo. damage and Sling TV is the most economical with plans starting at $30 going up to $45/mo.

Watch Super Bowl via Streaming Apps

Streaming Apps offer nonstop entertainment anywhere, anytime at your disposal. Since CBS is hosting the Super Bowl broadcast, you can choose the CBS All Access app at a meager cost of $5.99-$9.99 to live stream the biggest game of the year, and who wants to miss The Weeknd in action. CBS Sports App comes free of cost with any cable subscription that includes the CBS channel.  Both CBS All Access and CBS sports app are available to watch the super bowl on Fire Stick, Hulu, sling TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more.

How to watch the Super Bowl on Fire Stick

Super Bowl broadcasting rights are given to CBS this year, which means you can watch the big game on CBS, CBS Sports channels, as well as on CBS All Access and CBS Sports App.

For Fire Stick users, the final option is particularly important, since the CBS Sports App is available in the Amazon App Store. You can download the app from there and enter your cable credentials to log in and get going.

For the cord-cutters, there are several streaming TV alternatives to tune in to CBS on the game day. Livestreaming TV services like fubo TV, YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, and Sling TV offer affordable access to CBS and CBS sports. All you need to do is sign up for one of the listed services, download the app from Amazon App Store, log in with your credentials, grab those Nachos and let the Super Bowl energy take you.

Fans residing outside of the US can also enjoy the iconic Super Bowl game, such as the folks in the UK can enjoy it free, like BBC, Sky and Now TV will be airing the Super Bowl across the UK and all of them have their respective Fire Stick Apps

For the sports enthusiasts in Canada, DAZN is a sports streaming service that will be covering the Super Bowl, and it will also be screened on CTV that has its app on Fire Stick. Whereas for Australian fans, Super Bowl 2021 will be available free of cost on Channel 7 with its 7Plus app available for download on Fire Stick.

How to Watch the Super Bowl on Hulu

Whether it is Fox, NBC, or CBS airing the Super Bowl, with Hulu + Live TV subscription there is no chance that you miss the Super Bowl, as Hulu + Live TV offers access to all three of them. SO gear up to have the entire pre and postgame experience along with a chance to witness some of the iconic Super Bowl ads by all the leading brands.

The cherry on top? Well, Hulu + Live TV subscription is free for the initial 7 days, that too if you remember to cancel it in time, before they charge your card, as the basic subscription fee is $64.99 effective from Dec’20. In short, you can watch the Super Bowl on Hulu and you do not have to pay for it while watching the game free, just a little smartness can go a long way.

How to Watch the Super Bowl on Sling TV

Sling TV is the market leader in offering affordable streaming options, however, with CBS having the broadcasting rights, Sling TV subscribers might have a hard time finding their way around Super Bowl since CBS is not available on the service whatsoever. However, we are here to help you with finding other avenues as to how to watch the super bowl on the internet. One of the options is CBS All Access with plans starting a slow as $5.99/mo. with a 7-Day free trial pass that you may consider if the cost is making you think twice. Similarly, Yahoo Sports App is also streaming the Super Bowl on your mobile devices for absolutely no charges.

How to Watch the Super Bowl on the Internet

7th February will dawn with almost all of America tuning in to their cable televisions to watch the historic game of the Super Bowl, where some of the households will resort to cable alternatives and watch the game online.

You can watch the game live on, CBS All Access, and CBS Sports App. Several Streaming services like YouTube TV as well as Hulu + Live TV also offer cable-less streaming of the content. Some of the compatible devices include smart TVs, Fire Stick, Apple TV, and more.

How to Watch the Super Bowl on Smart TV

Smart TVs are like any other mobile device, with a play store of their own so you can download any of the streaming TV apps and have the game day of the year. Keep those Nachos and fiery hot wings coming. Super Bowl ads and The Weeknd will take care of the rest.

How to Watch the Super Bowl on the YouTube

Super Bowl is available for streaming on YouTube TV. You can download the YouTube TV app on any of your smart devices like PC, Smartphone, MacBook, Android/smart TV, Chromecast, Roku, Fire Stick, etc. With a base price of $64.99 per month, YouTube TV unlocks another dimension of sports and entertainment. CBS and CBS Sports are a part of the YouTube TV channel lineup so if you are a subscriber already, then your game day is sorted.

How to Watch the Super Bowl on Mobile

When it comes to Super Bowl, you do not need a TV to get into the game-day mode. A phone or a Tablet is perfect to bring the game alive. You can stream Super Bowl on the CBS All Access, CBS Sports App, or Stream on Yahoo Sports App free. CBS Sports HQ will be streaming all the pre-game action across all digital avenues.

How to Watch Super Bowl FAQ

Here we sum up some of the most googled questions about the Super Bowl.

Can I stream CBS for Free? covers the Super Bowl live, all you need is a steady internet connection like spectrum internet and CBS cable channel subscription. In short, if your cable package has CBS in it, you can use the same cable credentials to catch the live stream on CBS Sports App and the Website to stream CBS for free.

When and Where is the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl LV will be played on 7th February of 2021, on a Sunday at 6.30 pm ET/3.30pm PT (5.30 pm CT) across the US. The iconic Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida will be hosting the third Super Bowl, after about 12 years where the two behemoths Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will fight for the title in an iconic face-off.

Who is singing at the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl Halftime Show will headline the Academy Award Nominee, Abel Tesfaye; stage name, The Weeknd. He has the distinction of three No.1 Selling Albums up his sleeve, is bound to keep the audience in a spell. After 90 minutes of the game kicking in, we expect the halftime show to begin at or around 8 pm Eastern Time, 5 pm Pacific Time, and 1 am GMT.