Who doesn’t love ultra-fast internet speeds and wide signal coverage? If you’re looking to optimize your AT&T Internet speeds, then the best way to do this is by upgrading your Wi-Fi. But before we begin, you must understand what factors affect Wi-Fi signal strength and what could be the possible reasons you’re not getting the best speeds.

What Affects Internet Speeds?

Here are a few common factors that can affect Wi-Fi signal strength and internet speeds:

1. Number of Connected Devices

Too many connected devices sharing a home internet connection at the same time can slow down speeds. Streaming, video conferencing, and multiple devices can easily result in a sluggish connection.

2. Outdated Equipment

Older devices, equipment, or Wi-Fi tech might be the reason why your signals are unable to reach faster speeds.

3. Conditions Weakening Wi-Fi Signals

Too much distance from the Wi-Fi gateway or obstacles like doors, floors, or walls can weaken Wi-Fi signals. Electrical appliances that emit radiation such as microwaves or baby monitors can also cause slow speed due to signal interference or overlapping.

Upgrade Your Modem

The best solution to all the problems mentioned above is to upgrade your current modem or replace it with a high-speed one. You can simply contact AT&T customer service to learn more about the AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway upgrading process or visit AT&T Equipment Shop to get your hands on an updated high-tech modem or gateway.

You can also switch to a high-tier AT&T Internet plan if you want to experience better connectivity and consistent speeds even during peak times. Consider your internet usage, and the number of connected devices and upgrade your AT&T Internet plan accordingly.

Wrapping up

AT&T offers a smart in-home Wi-Fi gateway along with its plans, which helps you to connect multiple devices to your AT&T Internet. In case you face any issue with your Wi-Fi, try to learn more about the reasons affecting internet speeds and Wi-Fi signals, or reach out to AT&T customer service and ask to upgrade your Wi-Fi equipment.