Everything we do these days is connected to the internet. From online shopping to investing millions of dollars in online businesses, we are making a living out of it. We do almost everything on the internet, including streaming, working from home, and taking online courses. The world we are living in is a world full of digitalized mechanisms. We can't imagine living without the internet because it has aided us in so many ways.

Prior to the pandemic, people were unaware of the value of the internet and how it made our lives simpler. However, after the pandemic, people have realized the importance of it and so, many people have started using internet services for their day-to-day activities. The pandemic caused a lot of damage. And if not for the internet, we could have faced much worse. In this situation, Cox helped out its customers and delivered one of the best internet services through the most reliable connection at a very reasonable price.

Cox is the third-largest internet service provider in America, which is offering blazing fast internet services to its customers via cable connections. Even when the pandemic is over, the company makes sure that everyone gets the best plan as per their needs and budget.

There are many internet service providers like Cox, who are giving self-installation kits to customers after the pandemic. COVID has made contactless installation the new standard. The best part is that if you are good at technical stuff and think that you can install the services yourself, you won’t have to pay for the technician to come to your place and do something which you can do easily.

If you have chosen Cox Communications as your internet service provider and are wondering how to activate Cox Internet, then follow the steps below to set up Cox Internet service at your house.

How to Self-Install Cox Internet Service?

You will need to get your Cox self-install kit first before you can start setting up your modem/Cox Gateway. You will have the option of having the kit shipped to you or picking it up at a Cox location near you.

Many people prefer to use their own equipment. However, the basic process will be the same for both types of equipment. Once you have all the required equipment with you, you can set up your Cox Internet service by following the given instructions.

Check the Kit-Box

Whether you pick it up from the local store or the company ships the equipment to your house, always check the equipment. The self-install kit box will include the Panoramic Gateway, coaxial wires, a power adapter, an Ethernet cord, and a cable filter along with instructions on how to install the services.

Pick the Ideal Location for your Wi-Fi Gateway/Modem

Figure out where you will put everything before you take it out of the box to avoid mess. You need a convenient location for your internet signals to move freely across your house. If you don’t put the equipment in the right spot, you will face issues regarding the signals and the speeds.

Connect the Coaxial Wire

Plug the coaxial cable into the wall connection once you have found an appropriate spot. Connect the other side of the cable to the modem’s cable port.

Connect to the Power

Next, connect the power adapter to the wall outlet, and then to the modem/Cox gateway’s power port.

Follow the Instructions for Your Specific Equipment

You will need to follow various procedures depending on whether you choose Cox Internet with a basic modem or the Cox Panoramic Gateway. Below, you will find the further processes for your equipment setup.

Setting Up a Cable Modem

Wait till the Internet Light Turns On

When using an average cable modem, wait until the internet indicator goes solid green. Allow 10 minutes for the process to complete. During that time, the modem will most likely restart a couple of times. Don't worry if that happens; it's just part of the setting procedure.

Connect the Ethernet Cable

Once the light goes solid, use the included Ethernet wire to connect your modem to a computer or your router.

Setting Up the Cox Panoramic Gateway

Wait till the Internet and the Wi-Fi Lights Turn On

Because the Cox Gateway supports both wired and wireless connections, you will need to keep an eye on the internet and Wi-Fi lights throughout this time. This can take up to 10 minutes, much like installing a cable modem. The Gateway will restart multiple times as well.

Establish a Wireless Connection

Connect to the Wi-Fi network after the lights have turned solid. You can use any smart device.

Fill in your Wireless Details

With your self-kit box, you should receive a card. The card will have the wireless details on it. If you are unable to find it, look for it on the backside of the Gateway. The default configuration is normally listed on the reference card. You can change the network name and password later on.

Call Cox Customer Service

To activate your internet service, call Cox customer service. The customer support specialist will ask you a few questions and will activate the service. You can reach out to Cox customer service at
1-855-814-6044 for any further concerns.

Summing it up

The whole installation process is very easy. However, if you are unable to install the Cox services on your own, you can call Cox customer support and ask for a professional installation. That might cost you a few bucks but they will send you a technician to your place to get your services installed.