Setting up voicemail is the best way to make sure that you don’t miss out on important messages while away from your phone. If your work requires you to respond to urgent calls and you’re worried about missing them while away, keep reading this blog and learn how to set up AT&T voicemail. It takes just a few steps and you can leave your phone resting without stressing over missing anything.

To set up your AT&T voicemail, just follow these simple steps:

Setting Up Your AT&T Voicemail

Once you activate your service, be sure to set up your voicemail within 60 days, or else the option to set up voicemail will be removed. AT&T does not charge you for the voicemail service and it is included in your service plan.

  1.  Press 1 or press the Voicemail key from your handset.
  2. Choose your preferred language.
  3. Create a strong password between 7 to 15 digits.
  4. Choose a prerecorded greeting or record your personalized greeting message by pressing the # key after entering your password on your home phone.
  5. Listen to the voicemail tutorial installed for users.

Make sure to listen to the entire voicemail tutorial or else it will play again the next time you access your voicemail.

How To Set Up An Existing Voicemail On A New Device?

If you have set up your voicemail already and you want to shift the same settings to a new device, do not worry. We have got you covered. Simply follow these two basic steps:

  1. Click and hold 1 or press the voicemail key.
  2. Enter the password you use to access your voicemail. Your voicemail greeting and password will now apply to your new phone.

In case you need any further help with your voicemail setup, get in touch with an AT&T customer service member by dialing 1-877-894-7504.

Call AT&T Customer Service


Setting up your AT&T Voicemail is very easy. Just access the voicemail option, set up a password, add your greeting and you’re good to go. Having a protected and easy-to-access voicemail will make sure you never miss out on important messages again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can  you add more storage for your voicemail?

No, you cannot get more storage space for your voicemails other than what is provided. You can delete your older voicemails to make free up your storage space or save your old voicemail in another storage device such as an mp3 file or USB storage.

Is it important to set up a password for my Voicemail?

Yes, you must set up a password for your device’s voicemail for security purposes. Keeping your voicemail password-protected will ensure that only you have access to your voicemail and it cannot be deleted or misused by anyone else.

Can Voicemail be activated after 60 days?

 Your voicemail is automatically removed if you do not activate it within the first 60 days. If you want to restore the service you will have to call AT&T Customer Service to have it added back to your phone.

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