Are you facing constantly weak Wi-Fi signals and interrupted network connections? It’s time that you reset your Windstream router. Usually, the Wi-Fi router that comes with Windstream internet supports a wide range of speeds and is compatible with almost all networking devices. But there might be a possibility that over time the equipment grows tired and does not deliver a steady Wi-Fi network.

If you’re facing a similar issue and thinking about how to reset the Windstream router, then follow the given helpful steps to easily factory reset the wireless router:

  1. Find out the reset button on your Windstream router.
  2. This button is usually situated on the backside of your wireless Windstream router. The button is red in color and very small in size.
  3. Use a paperclip or a pin to hold the reset button down.
  4. Wait for about 30 seconds, and then, release the button.
  5. When the LED lights in your router turn into solid orange, this means the router is reset.

How to Hard Reset my Windstream Wi-Fi Router?

To hard reset your Windstream router, you may use the IP address Put this information into the browser, log in with your credentials, and then, select the reset option. Wait for the process to complete and you’re done hard resetting your router.

How to Troubleshoot the Windstream Wi-Fi Router?

If your Windstream Wi-Fi router is down, resetting is not always the only solution. You can also try troubleshooting it. Here are a few easy tips to troubleshoot your Windstream router:

  1. Give your Windstream router a fresh start. Try to restart or reboot it.
  2. Check if your Windstream router is overheated. Power it off for some time to let it rest.
  3. Make sure your router is connected properly and none of the plugs are loose.
  4. Relocate your router to the highest position in your house.

Wrapping up

It's normal if your router stops working sometimes. The good part is that fixing it won’t require you to get any technical help from the professionals. You can simply follow the steps we’ve mentioned in this brief guide and it will surely help. If the issue prevails, you can contact Windstream customer service at any time, as their technical support is available 24/7.