Are you thinking about moving to a new place and worried about what will happen to your internet connection? Or you will have to look into other internet service providers, which might be available at your new location. Whatever the case, if you are a CenturyLink internet subscriber, there is no need to worry. CenturyLink has a swift-moving process that lets you enjoy the same or better speeds wherever you go.

Here is everything you need to know to move your CenturyLink internet.

Check Internet Availability

The first step is to make sure that your new address falls under CenturyLink’s coverage map. You can enter your address or ZIP code in the search bar on sign-in page on your phone or computer. Locate the “Moving” button on the homepage after you log in, and click on it. This opens a chat window where you can talk to the customer support agent to get this done. Please keep in mind that

Information Checklist

The customer service agent might request more information to complete the process. They can any of the following information.

  • CenturyLink account number
  • Current and new address
  • Proof of new address
  • Date of service installation and operation (when you want the service to be activated)


This concludes our blog post on how to move CenturyLink internet. You can also move your phone and DirecTV along with your internet or upgrade your internet speed with CenturyLink. In case you’re looking to get CenturyLink, or you have any queries about the moving process, you can always reach out to CenturyLink customer service at their Toll-Free Number 1-877-373-1148.