The Internet has become necessary in homes across the country, and people of all ages use the internet to learn and keep in touch with friends and to keep themselves entertained. We do several internet activities at the same time in many houses, from early morning to late at night. We frequently end up at any device, whether our smart TV, laptop, or mobile phone at the end of the day to unwind and watch our favorite streaming shows. CenturyLink internet provides the users with a high-speed internet connection so that their work and entertainment never has to stop.

Since we know how important the internet has become in our daily lives, the last thing we want is for it to slow down or show us buffering videos and lagging connections. So in case, your CenturyLink internet speed feels slow, and you are thinking about how to make CenturyLink internet faster, consider the following suggestions to get it flowing again.

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However, before you start working on making your internet speed faster, we recommend that it is better to know your current internet speed. You can see how to take a CenturyLink internet speed test here.

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Restart The Device

Restarting the device might sound a cliché but it certainly is very effective in fixing the issues to some extent. All you have to do is unplug the modem and let it stay disconnected for a few minutes or at least one minute. All the lights in the modem must be completely off that ensure that the modem has been disconnected. Replug the modem back and reconnect to the internet.

Modem Firmware

The modem you're using should then be evaluated. Making sure it's up to date can help you get a better connection at home. Some modems frequently require firmware.

If you're not familiar with the term, it refers to a combination of memory and data held on the modem's chip. To upgrade your modem's firmware, go to your modem's IP address and log in with your username and password. Then go to your router manufacturer's website and look for the Firmware or Update section, where you may download the most recent firmware update. Finally, reboot the router after uploading the update.

Change the Router’s Position

Adjusting the position of your router can play a key in improving your internet speed. To improve coverage, place your router on a height. It should certainly not be placed in the basement, in some corner. The highly recommended placing points are usually those that are centrally positioned and have access to circulating air. Avoid putting your routers near a heat source, metal barriers, or other devices that could create interference that can make your internet slow.

Consider a Wi-Fi Mesh System

There are times when you are being sent complete signals and good speed from CenturyLink but there is an issue at the receiving end. Investing in a Wi-Fi Mesh system for your house is a long-term answer. These cutting-edge Wi-Fi systems will eliminate any blind spots in your home and provide you with fast, dependable internet.

Reset The Modem

If neither of the aforementioned options works for you then you can reset the modem. All the settings will be restored to the initial state and you can change everything newly.

Contact The Customer Service

If you are still facing some issues with your CenturyLink internet then it is recommended that you reach out to the customer service and discuss your concern.

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If you are facing issues due to the slow internet then the aforementioned ways can help you sort it out. Understandably, the internet is very essential for the completion of our day-to-day lives, and having a secure and high-speed internet connection has never been so crucial as it is today.

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