Spectrum high-speed internet always seems too tempting to let go of. The trustworthy telecommunications service provider has definitely stepped up to the platform, amid the crisis brought by the COVID-19 pandemic and thoroughly understood how much it would contribute during these hard times. First by granting existing Spectrum users a number of discounts and then by extending this kindness to even those not current users of Spectrum Internet. It is worth noticing that Spectrum has voluntarily made Wi-Fi hotspot network connections open to the public all across the country.

All Spectrum Internet plans come with a self-installation package that is ideal for tech-savvies to be picked up from the local store and set up on the same day. Here is how you can continue through self-installation after you have bought an internet service and are ready to connect to the Spectrum network.

Professional vs Self-Installation

When you subscribe to the fiber-powered Spectrum internet service, you must choose whether you want to use the Spectrum professional installation kit for a specialist installation, or install it yourself. However, we have listed some benefits and drawbacks to help you determine which option is better suited for you.

Tech-Savvy People

A technical specialist comes to your doorstep to look after all the nitty-gritty when you want to go for pro-install. However, you have to find out all the details yourself and solve any technological flaws alone if you want to install Spectrum internet by yourself. If you are not tech-skilled, it's better to opt for professional installation to prevent any distress.

Your budget?

While the spectrum pro-installation fee is not exorbitant, and when a self-installation kit is available at your location, you can always take advantage of the deal to get self-installation. It is worth saving some bucks when the budget is tight.

Are you going to be available?

If you want pro-installation, a date will be given by the company as to when technicians will arrive to set up your services at a specific time. However, it would be safer for you to configure Spectrum Internet on your own if you have any difficulties with the availability, so you can install your services at any suitable time.

Spectrum Internet Pro-install

If you do not know how to install Spectrum Internet and are considering the pro-installation, two important things should be kept in mind:

  • The spectrum pro-install cost $59.99, if you're not technologically competent and have the money to afford, you should definitely opt for this option.
  • You will be booked for the time and day that you want the installation to take place. It should be remembered that the schedule window extends up to 3 hours, so you need to make any schedule adjustments to prevent problems on that day.

Steps to self-install Spectrum Internet

  • Choose the coaxial cable from your self-setup package. Link the modem with one end of the cable and the other end with the cable socket.
  • For the same outlet, use the coaxial splitter, the additional coaxial cables, and use those to link your modem and spectrum receptor. You will attach to the wall outlet and the IN end of the divisional with a short stretch of the coaxial cable. The modem and Spectrum Receiver bind on the splitter to the out ends.
  • Connect your modem on one end of the power cable and the other to any electric outlet accessible.
  • See if the modem's light stops blinking and turn static when the contacts are made life. It may take up to five minutes.
  • If the modem light turns solid, it means your modem has been connected.

Link the modem to the wireless Internet router

  • Connect to the modem on one side of the Ethernet cable and to the internet socket of the Wi-Fi router on the other.
  • Now link one end to a Wi-Fi router and the other end of the power cord to a power supply.
  • Wait again for the Wi-Fi router status light to stop blinking and turn static green. It could take up to 10 minutes.
  • When the status light turns static successfully, your router establishes the connection. If the connection is not created, then turn off the router by pressing the power button at the back of the router and try another minute.

Activate your Services

Visit spectrum.net/self-install for the activation of your service and you will be routed to the Activation tab. If you have any difficulties activating the connection, you may call 1-844-481-5998 for service activation.

Summing Up

You are now ready to take advantage of your super-fast Spectrum internet and Wi-Fi service. Now you don't have to skip movies or any shows, enjoy social networking 24/7, chat with loved ones, or blend your PS4 with Spectrum Internet for a great gaming experience.