Are you looking forward to saving money on the installation process and wondering how to install an AT&T Internet modem on your own? Then worry no more as this guide will give you definitive insights into how you can do that. We’ll be illustrating how you can install your modem for AT&T internet all by yourself and enjoy seamless connectivity right away. So, let’s get started:

Self-Installing AT&T Internet

Here, is a step-by-step guide that will help you to install AT&T Internet modems without any hassle. Make sure you follow each step correctly to get it done the right way. In case of confusion, reach out to AT&T customer service to get assistance. Their 24/7 available tech-support team will guide you through the process.

With that said, let's begin:

Check Your Self-Installation Kit

The first thing you need to do is to check the self-installation kit provided by your provider. It’s important to ensure that it has all the needed equipment including:

  • AT&T gateway (modem or router)
  • Green data cable
  • Gray cable for the phone
  • A yellow Ethernet cable
  • A power cord
  • Instruction manual

Set up Your AT&T Internet Modem

Now that you’ve all the required equipment from the kit, it’s time to set up your modem. Here’s how you can set up your AT&T Internet modem:

  • First, connect one end of the green data cable to the modem inside the broadband port.
  • Next, connect the other end of the data cable to the broadband jack.
  • Connect the power cord in the power outlet and the other one in the AT&T modem.
  • The modem can take up to 10 minutes to start. You’ll know it’s done once the broadband and service lights will turn solid green, indicating internet connectivity.
  • Turn on your device (PC or laptop), choose the SSID shown in your network panel, and connect to it wirelessly. You can find SSID and its password in the yellow sticker attached to the rear.
  • If you can’t connect wirelessly then use the Ethernet cable. Connect one end in the LAN port of the modem and the other to your device. When done, repeat the previous step.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! You’ve successfully installed your AT&T Internet modem. All that’s left is to register your device. For that, you’ll have to open the configuration panel using the IP address and admin login credentials mentioned in the yellow sticker. In case you think the modem isn’t working or don’t know how to configure it, contact AT&T support at 1-855-386-4590 right away and get it sorted.