If anyone of you reading this post, wants to connect their iPhone or iPad to TV screens, this is the place you should be at. This article is going to cover the easiest hacks that exist under the sun to help you learn how to hook up your Apple device(s) to your television screens, then emulating or streaming the content on your iPhone or iPad to a much bigger screen so you enjoy watching it with your family or friends – or maybe simply relish your alone time.

The process is pretty simple and doable for everyone – along with being a rewarding effort. Despite the fact, Apple devices come with incredible displays (particularly the ultra-large iPad Pro with 12.9in). It's more amusing almost every time to watch the same videos and photos from your phone on your living room's big TV screen instead of the relatively small screen which barely entertains two people at once. Today Apple's streaming service i.e. Apple TV+ is around the cover, where you will be able to watch the latest shows, including The Morning Show and See on your TV screens.

There are multiple ways for you to connect the iPhone or iPad to the television screen. You can do that by using an Apple TV, a Roku, a cable, an Amazon Firestick, and a couple of TVs that come with AirPlay support. But before doing so, you should read and learn about what precisely TVs and the rest of the devices are compatible with Apple TV+.

No matter which phone you have, even the biggest available screen of the iPhone is smaller compared to the television screen, thus it's not an irrational desire if you want to connect the phone to a bigger screen. Bigger screen means better entertainment, everything defined and detailed which signifies high-quality.

In a residential setup, you may only want an enormous surface where you can display photos or anything — similar to the traditional slideshow — or perhaps for watching Netflix via your iPhone without buying a smart TV. In a setup similar to work, there could be various genuine professional instances for projecting the content in your iPhone where you might be required to demonstrate something, or present a method to a group of people, for instance, or to show a website during a meeting or an informal discussion.

Regardless of what may the reason be, the procedure is quite simple where you connect the iPhone to a TV screen or any computer monitor. Once you connect, the display will reflect everything from the connected iPhone, which includes your Home Screen, browser, and all the apps. Video and Photos will be displayed at full resolution — which would be way better than the limited resolution of iPhone — this is when your iPhone becomes a practical and handy alternative to having a smart TV.

In two common methods, you can connect the iPhone to a TV screen or computer monitor: one is using AV cable and the second is via your Apple TV. The procedure is fundamentally similar to how you connect the iPad to a TV screen, and as a matter of fact, the Apple TV or same adapter can be used for your iPad and phone both.

Whether you are considering to mirror your iPhone’s screen or simply use your phone as remote, we have jotted down some common techniques to connect the iPhone to a TV screen and how to execute it. On a similar note, we have included a separate step-by-step guide explaining how you can connect your MacBook to a TV screen.

What are the tools required for connecting an iPhone or iPad to a TV screen? There are a couple of ways how you can connect an iPhone to a TV screen. At this point, to be brief, what you require (additionally to an iPhone and TV) for all the described methods here in this write-up. For further detailed information, please check the corresponding sections underneath:

What are the tools required for connecting an iPhone or iPad to a TV screen?

There are a couple of ways how you can connect an iPhone to a TV screen. At this point, to be brief, what you require (additionally to an iPhone and TV) for all the described methods here in this write-up. For further detailed information, please check the corresponding sections underneath:

how to project iphone to tv

  •   Connecting through HDMI: Join HDMI-to-HDMI cable, Lightning Digital AV adapter, open the HDMI port on the TV.
  •   Connecting through Apple TV: Use Wi-Fi connection.
  •   Connect through Chromecast: Use the open port HDMI present on the TV compatible with Chromecast.
  •   Connecting through Roku streaming devices: iPhone, Roku streaming device, TV, Roku app.
  •   Connect through apps: iPhone which is compatible with a smart TV or with AirPlay and/or AirPlay 2 and/or, for TV sets not supported by iPhone, a mirroring app DLNA-certified (further info about that below)

You can follow the instructions explained for each app to stream on your TV screen.

1. How to connect an iPhone to the TV via an HDMI cable?

The easiest method to connect an iPhone to the TV screen is by using HDMI cable coming from the phone and connecting to the television’s HDMI port. You shall also require an adapter for connecting that HDMI cable to the iOS device.

how to connect iphone to tv with usb

You can also get the adapters from Apple. The price is as one could expect from Apple—costly, though the product is of high-quality.

Apple constantly endorses to buy its products instead of getting cheap replicas. However, an adapter coming from Amazon or any other third-party can also get the job done and may even save you a handful of bucks. You just have to ensure if it is supported by HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection).

Bonus Info: HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is one anti-pirating system used by a long list of streaming service providers. In case, the adapter is not compatible with this protocol, you may not be able to display content from quite a few streaming services, such as HBO® NOW and Netflix.

Furthermore, we are adding the easy steps how you can connect an iPhone to the TV using an HDMI cable:

  •   Connect the one side of an HDMI cable with the TV set.
  •   Connect the other side’s end with the adapter.
  •   Plug-in the adapter in the lightning port of the iOS device you desire to connect.
  •   If the iOS device is in the need to be charged while you are using it, just plug-in the one end of the Dock Connector to USB cord or the Lightning port to the USB or in the other port present on the adapter then plug the other side’s end in the power source.
  •   Do not forget to switch the input of your TV into HDMI.

2. How to connect an iPhone to a TV through Apple TV?

If you, like most of us, inclined towards the wireless life, you should connect an iPhone to the AirPlay to a TV which is easily compatible with the wireless protocol of an Apple’s AirPlay [and/or AirPlay 2] as well as Apple TV. This will enable you to stream videos, view photos, and all the content straight through or reflect your iOS device’s display on the TV screen.

how to connect iphone to tv wirelessly

The complete set up is about as quick and simple as you can think of:

  •   Please ensure that your Apple TV and iPhone are connected with one Wi-Fi network —or else these devices won’t be able to detect each other.
  •   Go to the Control Center of your iOS device. On any iPhone or iPad except you are using an iPhone X, then from the bottommost of your screen, just swipe it up from there. If you are using the iPhone X, you have to swipe down through the right side of the notch.
  •   Don’t forget to tap the button saying “Screen Mirroring”. It seems like two rectangles overlapping one another.
  •   Pick your Apple TV when it appears on the list.
  •   If the passcode for AirPlay popup on the TV screen, you would have to enter its code on the iOS device.
  •   If you do not wish to mirror the screens further, just open the Control Center. And select the Stop Mirroring option underneath the Screen Mirroring.

3. How to cast an iPhone to the TV via Chromecast?

If you use Chromecast, you can simply use your iPhone to cast onto any TV set through the Chromecast or by plugging in the Chromecast Ultra. This option is a relatively more economical option as the expense of getting a Chromecast dongles is almost around $35.

how to connect iphone to tv with usb

Moreover, you have to ensure that your iOS device, computer, and Chromecast are connected with the same Wi-Fi network.

  •   Plug-in the Chromecast dongle in the HDMI port of your TV set.
  •   Get it Installed and go to the app(s) that are supported by Chromecast on your iPad or iPhone.
  •   Select the Cast option. (It will be a rounded shaped rectangle along with a Wi-Fi icon on the left corner of the bottom.) Tap the “Chromecast” from the drop-down list of all the available devices so you can cast to the TV.
  •   Several famous smart TV brands are now available with an in-built Chromecast already. Just tap the Cast button!

4. How to connect an iPhone to a Roku Streaming Device?

There are a couple of methods on how you can connect your iPhone or iPad and connect the devices wirelessly to your streaming device i.e. Roku. Now streaming devices from Amazon and Roku both have commenced to provide access to the Apple TV app.

If you own a Roku device that is compatible with more than one device, you will be able to add an Apple TV channel to it. For doing this, tap the Home button, scroll through the Streaming Channels to get to the Channel Store. Select Search Channels tab and type Apple TV there. When you see Apple TV accentuated press the Ok button onto the remote and tap to select the option of Add Channel.

how to connect iphone to tv with usb only

Now when Apple TV channel is successfully installed on Roku, you will be able to access Apple's iTunes store where you can rent or purchase movies and watch the shows on Apple TV provided you have subscribed to this service.

Cast via an iOS device by following the steps described below:

  •   Ensure that your Roku and iPhone devices are connected with one Wi-Fi network and not on two different networks.
  •   Find the cast button in the compatible apps like Netflix or YouTube.
  •   Tap the Cast button, and select the Roku device from the list.

Make use of the “Play on Roku” option present on your Roku app by following these steps:

  •   Download the mobile app of Roku onto the iOS device.
  •   Launch it, once installed.
  •   Select the option of Photos+ from the navigation bar at the bottom of the Roku app.
  •   Choose the media you would like to share through your Roku device.

5. How to cast an iPhone to the TV through an app?

If your smart TV has a built-in iPhone compatibility, it must have AirPlay already (as mentioned above). You may use AirPlay for connecting an iPhone to the TV set.

In a scenario, where the smart TV doesn’t come with AirPlay, you should try DLNA [Digital Living Network Alliance] which is a third-party app. DLNA app will let you play audio and visual content which is not secured by DRM (Digital Rights Management).

how to connect iphone to tv without hdmi

You can use the below mentioned DLNA apps for connecting an iPhone onto a TV screen:

  •   McPlayer — free, lite version available with limited-functionality – Pro version for $4.99 (Arkuda Digitial LLC)
  •   Nero Streaming Player available for free has an option for in-app purchases - (Nero AG)
  •   UPnP/DLNA Streamer for TV -- free of cost (iStreamer), comes with an in-app purchase option.

6. How to cast an iPhone to your Amazon Fire TV?

The process of casting Apple's content onto your Amazon Fire TV is pretty much similar to how it was for Roku.

how to connect iphone to tv with usb

If you own a Fire TV Stick 4K or 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick you can easily access the Apple TV app and can rent and/or buy iTunes and movies available there, and get hold of all the content on Apple’s stream being made available to its subscribers.

Moreover, you will get access to the iTunes library, where all the shows and movies you purchased earlier will be present.

To connect your Apple TV app on Amazon Fire, tap the search button, then type in Apple TV there. As soon as the app gets installed you would be able to use it.

7. How to connect an iPhone with a Samsung TV?

Some latest Samsung TV sets now come with an Apple TV app in them.

So, Apple TV app must be in it already by default, simply navigate through it and choose Apple TV.

how to mirror iphone to tv without apple tv

Then go to Settings, tap Accounts, and Sign In, and then Sign In on Mobile Device.

There you will see two options for signing-in on TV, just go to the Apple TV activation page on your iPhone. Type in the code shown on your TV screen.

Conclude the sign-in process by following the instruction on-screen.

After you sign in you will be able to view your owned content in the Library and can search content there, or scroll to the options to get to what you would desire to see.

8. Apple's Composite AV Cable

If someone has an older version of iPad or iPhone that comes with 30-pin connector (in case you have an iPhone 4s and an even older version(s), or iPad from first three generations, it would have the 30-pin connector – an iPhone 5 or all the later versions, iPad 4 along with its later versions, then all the iPad mini models, iPad Air, as well as the iPad Pros come with Lightning port), here the old Apple Composite AV Cable can be a handy choice - if you could get one.

how to connect iphone to tv with usb without hdmi

Apple Composite AV Cable functions in the same way as the prior explained Lightning Digital AV Adapter, excluding that you may be required to get the input of composite video over the TV rather than an HDMI cable, also make certain that the videos you’d like to watch should be in SD format than HD.

Though Apple does not sell it, therefore, you might need to look for a used unit: check Amazon and eBay. Otherwise, try the Belkin adapter.

9. Connect With a DLNA App

If anyone has a TV set that is internet-enabled, it may be compatible with DLNA – a standard form available for streaming media on various products. By using the appropriate app, you will be able to stream unprotected video and music collections — in simpler words, movies filmed at homes, personal audios or videos, and everything that is not secured by DRM(Digital Rights Management) on anyone’s iPhone or iPad. Media bought from the iTunes Store will not be functional through these apps.

Though, speaking of DLNA, you would not be restricted to an iOS device. A few apps shall look at the media saved in other devices, including your PC, which may function as a mediator while setting up streaming through TV to PC. Other devices you may stream include not just the TV sets but game consoles and PCs also. You do not need to install special codecs or convert videos to work it out.

how to mirror iphone to tv with wifi

If the TV’s option is not available while you are using the app, you would be required to activate the DLNA function. Go onto the internet connection menu on your TV and find the option to stream through a home server or PC - that's DLNA.

Additional information: Watching photos or video on TV

It is not just the TV shows and films that you would like to watch on the TV screen. One can stream photos, videos, or any other media format present on their iPhone to a bigger screen.

To watch your iPhone's videos and photos on the TV follow the given instruction:

  •   Go to the Photos app.
  •   Tap onto the share button (a square through an arrow directing upward over it).
  •   Choose the video or photo you wish to exhibit by clicking a white tick that appears with the blue circle.
  •   Select AirPlay from the popup menu which appears and select Apple TV. The selected photos shall appear on the TV screen by now. Scroll through the next video or photos by swiping right or left on the screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  •   You also have the option to set your selected videos or photos to appear as slideshow in one go. For doing that, go to the sharing menu, select all the photos you would like to display and tap on each of them as done in the aforementioned step, and now just tap the Slideshow.
  •   It will start displaying. If the slideshow is being played on an iPad or iPhone instead of the TV, select the AirPlay option present on the top right and select the Apple TV.

Final Verdict

Anyone can without difficulty connect an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to the TV screen – you can even connect the iOS with projectors taking the help of HDMI cable or wired connector adapter. Provided that the output device such as TV, projector, or display comes with an HDMI port for input, one can reflect your iPhone or iPad’s content directly on a bigger screen. The idea of using iOS devices for exhibiting on TV screens is a great idea for giving demonstrations, presentations, watching movies or videos, and so many other things can be incorporated. The video on the big screen could be as maximum as 1080p HDTV res, yes, audio and video are transferred and reflect through iOS to the TV screen. If someone does not prefer using HDMI, you may also switch to the wireless technique via AirPlay, as explained above in detail as well.

We have demonstrated that whichever blend of devices one owns, you can stream and cast media on a bigger screen.

FAQ: How to connect iPhone to TV

how to mirror iphone to tv without wifi

Can I reflect on an iPhone on a TV screen?

Certainly, you can, however, you would either require Apple TV streaming device for doing so, or AirPlay 2 which is compatible with smart TVs. If you have got any of these toys, you just need to connect the iPhone as well as Apple TV to one Wi-Fi connection then tap onto the AirPlay button.

Another idea to mirror an iPhone on a TV set is through using DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) app such as McPlayer – its lite version is free of cost – and its Pro Version is available for $4.99, Nero Streaming Player is also free which has an option to make purchases in-app, or iStreamer’s UPnP/DLNA Streamer for TV also free of cost and comes with an option of in-app purchase feature.

Can I see pictures from an iPhone on the TV?

Absolutely, you can. Simply use AirPlay for connecting it to the Apple TV and display your pet’s pictures on the big screen. Or connect the HDMI cable through a dongle and look into all your best selfies on a TV screen.

How can one play music via TV?

In order to play music saved on an iPhone via your TV, just select the playlist, track, or album you desire to listen, go to Control Centre, tap onto AirPlay then choose Apple TV. Bingo! All your darling music is now playing on your TV.