The Internet has been around for quite a while now, however, not all internet speeds are the same. While some service providers like Spectrum Internet are hell-bent on providing their customers with the best quality, others are focused on Geo-targeting and social sharing.

We often end up getting highly frustrated due to bad internet speed, every now and then. It is no secret most companies take more money than the value they offer to customers. Low internet speeds and buffering are not new to us. Once it starts – just forget that movie and go back to the dark abyss you were trying to crawl out of. No point clicking send over and over on that email – your internet speed is just too slow! The desire to take a hammer and break your laptop/mobile into a zillion pieces is, therefore, common amongst us all. Slow internet speed also breeds regular episodes of irritability, moody and/or aggressive behavior – after all, we all have our limits, right?

The internet industry has become very wide, now, therefore when it comes down to switching or choosing a new brand to rely on – it just is NOT easy. How can it be? There are too many brands, packages and deals to choose from. So – how can we be sure of which internet service would be best for us?

The simplest answer to this would be checking the internet speed and comparing it with other brands’ speeds. You can start by checking your home internet speed. Even if you trust your provider, checking the internet speed every now and then would only help you realize how much truth the company you are draining your money in holds out to you. It is not even difficult like algebra or calculus; it is so easy that even a child can check their internet quality. You don’t need any extra software or a paid subscription either. A simple web browser would do just fine!

Many speed tests are available online, to check a connection. However, before we reach that point – here are some key suggestions to help make sure your test results come out as accurately as possible.

  • Cable Connection – Make sure you use a cable or wire-based connection while running the test. This will make sure there is no interference due to an error in the Wi-Fi connection that may tamper the results.
  • Disconnect Everything Else If you have absolutely no option other than a wireless one, you can reduce the interference manifold by temporarily disconnecting all other devices/ electronics from the router.
  • Downloads/Uploads If your device is downloading or uploading too much data, there would be a whole lot of disturbance and turbulence in your test. Right before you start the test, just press Ctrl Alt Del and check the task manager to put everything on hold for the moment.
  • Restart the ModemOne of the best methods to make sure your internet connection is at its best speed is to just restart the modem and router. Unplug the device(s) for 2 – 3 minutes and switch on again to be at its original speed.

Speed Test Tools & Applications


Given the number of speed tests available at your single clicks – you can either choose from them or go through them all. The best-known speed test for this purpose is Ookla’s Here is a list of other speed test sites, if you want to take more than one test just to be sure. Some of the ISP hosted speed test sites are;

  • Xfinity Speed Test
  • Cox Internet Speed Test
  • AT&T High-Speed Internet Speed Test
  • Armstrong Internet Speed Test
  • Charter Spectrum Speed Test
  • Speed Test Plus
  • Open the ISP hosted speed test site of your choice.
  • Click on the “Go” button to start the assessment.
  • Wait for the results.

You can also check if your own internet service provider has a speed test evaluator. Go for it to see the difference between its results and those of other websites. Since every ISP designs the test keeping their own connection services as the metrics, this comparison will help you unveil the objective quality your internet connection holds in a factual context.