Windstream is one of the top and most reliable high-speed internet providers in the US. If you’ve been using Windstream Internet for quite some time and wondering how to change your Windstream Wi-Fi password, then you’re just at the right place. This brief guide will help you change your Wi-Fi password as it’s an extremely important thing to do to keep yourself protected from cybercrimes and cyber threats.

If you want to know how to change the Windstream Wi-Fi password, just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

How to Change the Windstream Wi-Fi Password?

The very first thing you need to ensure to change your Windstream Wi-Fi password is that you’re connected using your Windstream connection as it cannot be done from a remote location. Then, go to and follow the step below:

  1. Click the ‘Manual Setup AP’ option.
  2. Find your Wi-Fi network name from the ‘Select SSID’ drop-down box.
  3. Enter your preferred new password in the ‘WPA2/Mixed WPA2-PSK passphrase’ field. Then, select the ‘Click here to display’ option to double-check.
  4. Click ‘Apply/Save’ to save your new Wi-Fi network password. Enter your new Windstream Wi-Fi password to connect to the network after the process.

Wrapping up

Changing your Windstream Wi-Fi password isn’t a tough job at all. Just follow the easy steps mentioned above and you’ll be able to set a new secure password for your wireless connection. If you face any problem changing your Windstream password, contact Windstream customer service to get expert assistance.