Are you not satisfied with your Windstream service and thinking of canceling it? Canceling a service can be a tedious process, but not with Windstream. So whether you are not satisfied with their service for some reason or moving out of the country, you can cancel your subscription by following a few simple steps that we will be mentioning in detail in this blog. So read on to learn how to cancel Windstream service quickly and easily.

Step 1: Understand Windstream's Cancellation Policy

Before canceling your Windstream service, it's crucial to understand their cancellation policy. Windstream requires a 30-day notice before canceling your service. So, if you cancel your service in the middle of the billing cycle, you may still be charged for the full month.

Step 2: Contact Windstream Customer Service

To cancel your Windstream service, you need to contact their customer service. You can call Windstream customer service at the number provided on their website or on your bill statement. Alternatively, you can also reach out to Windstream customer service via online chat.

Contact Windstream Customer Service: 1-877-875-1220

Step 3: Request to Cancel Your Windstream Service

Once you connect with Windstream customer service, you need to request to cancel your Windstream service. The representative may ask you some questions about why you want to cancel the service, and they may also try to offer you some deals to retain your service. But in any case, Windstream customer service representatives will help you cancel your subscription smoothly.

Step 4: Return Windstream Equipment

After canceling your Windstream service, you need to return their equipment to avoid any additional charges. Windstream will provide you with a shipping label to return the equipment. Make sure to pack the equipment properly and ship it within the time frame provided by Windstream.

Step 5: Check Your Final Bill

After canceling your Windstream service and returning their equipment, make sure to check your final bill. Your final bill should reflect the pro-rated amount for the service until the cancellation date. If you find any discrepancies, contact Windstream customer service to resolve the issue.

Wrapping Up

Windstream offers various services like Kinetic Internet, Windstream phone, and Windstream WiFi. If you're looking to cancel any of these services, follow the above steps, and you will be able to cancel your Windstream service without any hassle.

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