Mediacom offers a wide range of schematically priced, multi-featured, and geographically diverse internet packages. It is well-known for delivering lightning-fast network speeds at low pricing to customers from all walks of life. Meaning, that no matter how tight your budget gets, it has something in store for you. However, since variable speeds imply variable prices, that means the faster the speed, the higher the price.

If you are not satisfied with your Mediacom service or wish to cancel for whatever reason, then no need to fret. It can be done easily. But do not forget that for the initial 90 days of the service, Mediacom does offer a money-back guarantee. It means that if you are not satisfied with your service, then you have a short-term reversal window and you can receive your money back on request.

However, if you are a good time into the contract with Mediacom, then you will have to go through the entire process of cancellation. So, how to cancel Mediacom Internet? Let’s find out in this blog.

How to Cancel Mediacom Subscription in Easy Steps?

Canceling a Mediacom subscription is simple. Just follow the steps below if you wish to cancel your Mediacom service.

Step 1: Contact Mediacom Customer Service

To cancel your Mediacom subscription, all you have to do is contact the Mediacom Customer Retention department.

Dial 1-855-386-4094 To Get In Touch With Mediacom Retention Department!

Also, it is recommended that you return your Mediacom equipment to the nearest store and then submit a cancellation request to prevent any additional charges. The customer retention department is open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (Eastern Time).

Step 2: Speak to a Representative

Once your call is through, speak to a customer representative and provide them with all your important details. Be confident and stand your ground while speaking to a representative as no company would ever want to let go of their customers. Also keep in mind that you will be charged an early termination fee (ETF) while canceling your Mediacom subscription, depending on your contract period.

Step 3: Get a Confirmation Number or Email

Once you have lodged your request with Mediacom, now you will receive a confirmation email or you will be provided with a confirmation number. Make sure to save it at your end as proof.

Before You Call

However, before you call Mediacom customer support, make sure that you are prepared with the following important information as it will save you the trouble of frantically searching for these items during the call.

Mediacom Account Number Billing/Service Address Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number


Now you know how to cancel a Mediacom subscription. As we mentioned earlier, it is a hassle-free process. Once you receive the confirmation, it will take up to 7 days to process the request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mediacom charge a cancellation fee?

Yes, Mediacom does charge an ETF (Early Termination Fees). The cost depends on your contract period.

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