Frontier is the eighth largest telecommunications service provider with services including long-distance phone connection, DSL network, and Fiber internet, as well as cable TV service. Frontier prides itself on having over 3.7 million subscribers spread across 25 US States. FCC has also ranked Frontier internet at one of the highest positions for delivering the same speeds as it advertises on its website. Facts aside, internet services keep evolving constantly, sometimes for better while other times for worse. If you are moving out or aren’t satisfied with the quality of service that you’re getting and have thoroughly thought about canceling your Frontier subscription then here’s how you can go about it:

Are you bound by a contract?

Some of the Frontier’s services come free of any contractual bounds so in that case you can go and cancel your services right away without any fear of those hefty cancellation/early termination charges.

A bit of advice here though, try to save all the officially rolled out emails, policy details, and papers you might have signed while subscribing to any of the Frontier’s services. The fine print that we usually ignore suddenly becomes extremely crucial when it comes to service cancellation. When it comes to contracts, Frontier is equally accountable as you are. So, make sure you know and weigh all your options before contacting the Frontier customer service.

Have a legitimately strong reason for cancellation

Frontier’s representatives go into an extreme survival mode when they hear the words ‘terminate’ or ‘cancel’. This is the time when it is a matter of life and death, metaphorically, for them to keep you from abandoning the service. They are paid to do so. To avoid getting convinced by them, make sure you have a solid excuse to choose service termination and have your speech well ratified before picking up the phone.

Some of the most convincing reasons include:

  1. Consistent Non-Performance: You’re not getting what you were promised.
  2. Unsatisfactory Service: You have faced a series of inconveniences.
  3. Moving to a state where Frontier is not available.

Reach Customer Support

Now that you have worked every situation and alternatives in your head, it is time to pick up the phone or reach chat support, whichever is convenient and available. Get through the automated IVR menu and shoot when you hear the first human voice. Ask them to cancel your subscription, confirm if there will be any contractual bounds or termination charges. Wait for a few days if you find out that your contract expires in those days. Once done with that, request them to walk you through the equipment return process and viola. You are all done. Just return the equipment to your nearest retailer, clear the dues and you are free to move on!