CenturyLink Overview

CenturyLink is a renowned telecommunications services provider in the United States. It provides its services to home and small business customers, such as high-speed internet, fiber, voice phone, and television services. CenturyLink services are available all across the 37 states including Washington, Oregon, Florida, Texas, Colorado, etc.

With CenturyLink providing telecommunication services you can opt for their bundles at affordable prices so your bills do not go off the roof.

Get CenturyLink Internet

  • Download Speed Up To 1TB
  • No contracts and credit checks
  • No data cap and overage fees

Internet Plans priced at:


Upload/download speeds up to 940 Mbps. Paperless billing or prepay required. Additional taxes, surcharges, and fees apply.


Get CenturyLink Internet Call Now: 1-866-987-0357

CenturyLink gives only the best features to its users. The prominent ones include:

  • Fiber and High-speed Internet services with speeds up to 940 Mbps

  • CenturyLink Dish TV to watch the local channels

  • A wide library of on-demand movies & TV shows

  • Reliable VoIP phone service

How to Cancel CenturyLink

We've put together a step-by-step guide to canceling your CenturyLink service. The canceling procedure is straightforward.

Get CenturyLink Bundle

  • Fiber Gigabit
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Not Data Cap or Contract

Bundle priced at:


Additional fees and taxes apply. Rates exclude CTL fees not to exceed $3.00/mo./line.


Since there are contracts involved in certain plans you will have to move forward with caution. As a result, there are numerous factors to consider. All you have to do is follow the steps. Everything will be established once you have paid all of the outstanding dues and returned the equipment.

Before You Call

Before you call make sure that you have the following information prepared with you so that your cancellation procedure gets off to a smooth start:

  • CenturyLink Account Number

  • Name and Phone Number linked to the account

  • Make a note of the reasons you want to cancel your subscription

Step 1: Contact CenturyLink Customer Support

Your first step in canceling a CenturyLink subscription is to contact customer care, and the best way to do so is to call them, as any other method can cause delays. However, make sure you are ready. When you phone customer support to request a cancellation, you will certainly be met with resistance from the customer service representative. Companies never want to lose clients nor can they afford to do so, therefore they will go to any length to keep them. It is critical to make up your mind before contacting customer service.

Once you have made the decision and have called in the customer care representative, this canceling process will be assisted by a CenturyLink customer service professional.

Step 2: Request for Cancellation

You may be asked to enter your account information so that your agent knows your information before you begin the call. Request a cancellation of your CenturyLink service and explain why once you've reached out to one of their personnel. You may be required to provide a reason for your cancellation. Finally, make sure you receive a confirmation email when you terminate your service, as it might come in handy in the future.

Step 3: Return every company provided equipment

The canceling procedure is straightforward, although it does have certain criteria. Your cancellation process will commence after you give verbal consent. The equipment will be returned to you. This is a critical point. You will be charged for the equipment as well if you do not return it. You do have a period of 30 days to return your equipment.

Step 4: One final Confirmation

You can phone them again a few days after your request has been submitted. As I previously stated, they are adamant about not letting you go, and it may take a few calls just to find out where you are. You can sign in to your account as well and check on your subscription status.

Step 5: Pay all your dues and claim your deposits

You must pay any unpaid statements before your account is fully closed if you have any before you request disconnection. Give the customer support contact any bank account or credit card details where the unpaid debt can be levied. If you paid a deposit when you signed up with CenturyLink, your deposit will be added to your final balance, along with any interest. A closing bill will be mailed to you, including any outstanding balances owed or credit due. If you want to know how you can pay your bills you can click here.

Cancellation Via Chat

If you don't feel comfortable phoning, you can also use the' Chat Support'; option. It will allow you to call CenturyLink to discontinue your Internet Provider service. This is a quick and easy choice. To begin, go to the CenturyLink official website and select their' Chat Support.' After that, a representative will assist you with the cancellation process. You must then request that the CenturyLink connection be terminated.

Get CenturyLink Internet Call Now: 1-866-987-0357

Alternative to Cancellation

Here are some quick alternatives you can opt for instead of canceling your CenturyLink services:

  • If you believe your bill is excessive, there are bundled savings and no-increase pricing options available to clients, which they can select based on their needs.

  • If you are moving, transfer your old service to your new house instead of canceling and setting up a new service. You may save the hassle of paying a new deposit, creating a new CenturyLink profile, and so on.

  • You have the option of putting a temporary hold on your account. This just reduces the cost of your services until you're ready to utilize them again.


Canceling your CenturyLink subscription will be a simple task for you, however, it is recommended that you once check for the alternatives before going for the cancellation option.

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