Satellite internet has solved the connectivity issues in areas where cables cannot reach to provide the internet. We believe you already know HughesNet is one of the top satellite internet providers in the US, which serves millions of people nationwide.

Whether sending emails or streaming your favorite content from the comfort of your living room couch, wireless internet has provided us with the luxury that most people enjoy. This is one of the reasons why it can be frustrating to find a weak spot in your home where signals do not reach to provide you with the internet. You might be looking for ways to boost internet signals in such dead spots to enhance your internet experience.

A Wi-Fi booster is the best option for complementing your satellite internet and increasing the signal range. Read on to find more!

What is a Wi-Fi Booster?

A Wi-Fi booster, also known as an extender, is equipment that helps in expanding your Wi-Fi network when the router cannot cover your entire place. If you live in a big house, chances are your Wi-Fi router may not be able to cover all corners of your house, places where you hardly or do not get signals at all. A Wi-Fi booster comes in handy in such situations, helping with increasing Wi-Fi coverage without requiring hardware change.

You can get one such Wi-Fi booster offered by HughesNet. The HughesNet Gen5 Wi-Fi Range booster is connected to your existing HughesNet Internet modem’s built-in Wi-Fi to extend the range of signals provided by the HughesNet router.

How Does HughesNet Wi-Fi Booster Work?

HughesNet Wi-Fi boosters are simple devices that are compact in size. They are connected to the existing Wi-Fi networks that replicate the signals and rebroadcast them, enhancing the coverage of your Wi-Fi signal. These devices are usually placed in between the Wi-Fi router and any dead spots, close enough to the router so it could be connected to the network effectively.

Below are a few perks of using HughesNet Signal Booster:

  • Seamless service - The HughesNet Wi-Fi Booster automatically connects your devices to the strongest GHz band and clearest channel, providing you with the best quality signals.
  • Optimized for HughesNet – HughesNet signal boosters are specifically designed to work perfectly with HughesNet internet.
  • Customer Support – These signal boosters come with a 2-year warranty and are continually supported by the customer care team in case of any problem.
  • Easy Setup – A technician will be sent to your house for a quick and easy setup. Also, there will be no need to remember any additional password since it will be connected to the same SSID.
  • Better Performance – A Wi-Fi Booster will ensure a stronger and better performance since it maintains connections even through dense obstacles.

Hence, HughesNet Wi-Fi boosters will ensure a seamless internet experience throughout your home, on every device in every corner of the house.

How to Speed Up your satellite internet and Wi-Fi?

Now that we know how to improve HughesNet signal strength, let’s find out ways to speed up your internet. Satellite internet works quite differently than other types of the internet since it involves a satellite and dish to make the connection. If you have a satellite internet service like the one provided by HughesNet, use the below-mentioned tips to boost your signal and speed of the internet.

Boost Your Satellite Internet Speed Today

  1. Remove the surrounding bushes and obstacles
  2. Growing plants and trees near your satellite dish can harm your internet connection. They cause the dish’s ability to receive signals by blocking the view. Similarly, a snow buildup can have similar effects on your internet. So, make sure to get rid of any nearby bushes and obstructions for better connectivity.

  3. Try an in-line amplifier
  4. A satellite in-line amplifier can boost the satellite signal by improving the signal that runs across your home. Using a bi-directional, auto-gain amplifier and a splitter strengthens the Wi-Fi signals. An amplifier can also reduce the latency, which increases upload and download speed in return.

  5. Position your dish closer to your home
  6. Keeping a satellite dish close to your home can improve signal strength more than keeping it in distance since signals get weaker as they move distance. So, reposition your dish closer to your modem to avoid interruption in between.

  7. Consult your provider about switching satellites
  8. You may need to consult your provider about switching the satellite you are receiving the signals from. Multiple satellites are orbiting the earth at a time and so one of them may be better located for your dish than the one you are currently connected to. Thus, ask your provider if you need to switch your satellite to one closer to you.

  9. Switch service provider
  10. If none of the aforementioned tips work in your favor, it’s about time you consider switching the service provider all at once. Try one of the HughesNet internet plans, which offer consistently high speeds throughout with no hard data limits.

Bottom Line

You are not alone if you are facing slow internet speeds quite often. But, before you throw in the towel to get a faster internet connection, or make up your mind to spend more money to upgrade your internet plan, try all the tips mentioned above to speed up your connection today.


Does HughesNet have a signal booster?

Yes, they do. HughesNet Wi-Fi Boosters are available to seamlessly extend the HughesNet signal strength of the satellite network connection.

How can I improve my satellite internet signal strength?

 To improve the satellite internet signal strength, you use one of the Wi-Fi boosters like HughesNet signal booster to increase the signal strength.

 What is a good signal strength for HughesNet?

 Anything above signal level 30 is considered good for HughesNet to work normally.

 How do I stop HughesNet from buffering?

 You may enhance the HughesNet signal strength of your internet to improve your internet speeds. You may also use an in-line amplifier to reduce latency. In addition, follow the tips above to speed up your satellite internet connection.