We all know how important the internet has become today, and this is also a fact that with the increase in importance and demand of these services, the price is bound to go up, as well. The same has happened with the internet in the current economic landscape.

In these uncertain economic conditions, people are looking to cut costs and save as much as they can, from wherever they can. One question that often pops up regarding cost-cutting is how users can save on their internet bills because a common misconception present in the market today is that a good internet connection costs too much.

Yes, the internet prices have gone up, but still, users can get their hands on a good internet connection at a reasonable cost. But, while going with a cheap internet plan, be mindful that it is adequate enough to fulfill all your basic internet needs. Since the internet is used for many sensitive tasks today, you would not want to risk going with a poor connection just to save some money.

However, there are still some providers that offer superior internet services at quite an affordable cost. One such provider is Cox Communications. You’ll be amazed to know how much is the cheapest Cox internet plan because not only is it quite affordable but it also comes with an optimal amount of speed.

Internet Essential 100: Cheapest Cox Internet Package

Internet Essential is the cheapest and the most basic internet package by Cox Communications. The word ‘basic’ or ‘cheap’ should not give you the impression that it is a slow or a bad connection. That’s because this internet plan packs an amazing speed of up to 100 Mbps.

Not only this, but users can also access a nationwide network of 3 million Cox wifi hotspots to remain connected even on the go. Along with that, Cox Security Suite, powered by McAfee, is included in the plan, covering up to five internet-connected devices for free. A data allowance of 1.25TB (1280 GB) per month is also granted as part of the plan. What’s more, you can get the state-of-the-art Panoramic Wifi router and modem for enjoying wall-to-wall connectivity.

One thing to mention here is that Cox internet plans usually come with a one or two-year term commitment but the best thing about Cox Internet Essential 100 is that there are no term commitments or contracts with this package. This means no termination charges and users can change or cancel the services whenever they want.

Now, coming to the actual point, how much is the cheapest Cox internet? Well, you can get all these things mentioned above for just $49.99/month. Yes, that’s true, Cox's cheapest internet, i.e. the Internet Essential 100 is just $49.99/month which is not only considerably fast but also includes many free perks and features that we have briefly explained above.

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Summing Up

Now that you know how much is the cheapest Cox internet plan, sign up for it today! Plus, get all the free perks and features mentioned above. We hope this blog will aid your decision to go with a cost-effective provider like Cox.

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