Finding a reliable and trustworthy internet service provider is a hell of a task. The moment you search for a service provider in your area, the chances are you might come up with a message “The provider is not available in your area, enter another zip code”. That seems very awkward and especially if you live in an area, where the choices are limited. Above all, if you have come across a plan that looks so affordable and within your means, but unavailable in your area will surely put you in a state of frustration.

Luckily, if you live in Arizona, California, Missouri, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Texas, or Arkansas, chances are you might have heard of Suddenlink. It is one of the largest cable service providers in the United States. Although you might find other services as well when we talk about affordability, speed, and reliability, they might not meet your expectations.

Suddenlink by Altice is one of the largest broadband internet service providers in the U.S. Largely it covers the rural areas where the provision of other ISPs is somewhat limited. Suddenlink offers the hybrid fiber-coaxial infrastructure to deliver speeds up to 1000Mbps.

Suddenlink Internet Plans and Prices

Something exciting about Suddenlink internet plans and prices is that some of the plans come with a price for life guarantee. Even though some plans might get a little pricey, the overall service is more towards affordable than not. Suddenlink internet plans and prices vary depending on your location. But how much is Suddenlink internet service and what speeds do they offer will be discussed shortly. Stay tuned.

Suddenlink Internet Plans and Prices
Plan Price Download Speed Features
100Mbps Internet $30/mo. for 1 year Up to 100Mbps No annual contracts
30 Day Money back guarantee
Stuck in a contract-Switch now and get $100
400Mbps Internet $50/mo. for 2 years guaranteed Up to 400Mbps Unlimited Data
30 Day Money back guarantee
Stuck in a contract-Switch now and get $100
No annual contract
1Gig Internet $70/mo. for life Up to 940Mbps Unlimited Data
30-day Money Back Guaranteed
4K Ultra HD & HD on multiple devices.

*Auto Pay and Paperless Billing are required. Taxes, fees and charges are on top. Speeds, prices and availability vary by area

Other Internet Services Fees
Internet Services Price Per Month
Altice Advantage Internet $14.99 per month
Additional 50 GB Data $15 per month
Unlimited Internet Allowance $10 per month
Network Enhancement Fee $3.50 per month

Why Choose Suddenlink over Others?

We would not go on to say that Suddenlink internet plans are out of this world exceptional as compared to others, but people living in areas with limited options can surely benefit from the services. At least it would offer you high-speed internet enough to stream movies, binge-watch shows, downloading, and gaming. Unless you have plenty of devices connected to the same network, 100Mbps will do the job well to keep your family entertained, connected, and engaged.

Suddenlink Data Caps

Suddenlink offers unlimited data caps on both 400Mbps internet and 1Gig internet. However, you will be restricted to a data cap starting at 150GB and going up to 350GB if you opt for a low tier plan.

Suddenlink Contract

Suddenlink 1000Mbps plan is suitable for consumers not willing to have their internet bill increase every year. Even though all of the Suddenlink internet plans are contract-free, the 1Gig plan offers Price for Life unlike the other plans that include 100Mbps and 400Mbps plans. The 100Mbps plan’s introductory price lasts for one year while the 400Mbps plan’s price lasts for 2 years.

Suddenlink Equipment Fees
Equipment and Extras Price / Month
Altice One $20 per month
Altice One Mini $10 per month
Standard Digital Receiver $11 per month
High Definition (HD) Receiver $11 per month
HD/DVR Receiver/Service $17 per month
Cable Card $2.50 per month
TiVo Receiver $17 per month
TiVo Mini $11 per month
TiVo Stream $10 per month
DOCSIS Modem $10 per month
Wireless Gateway $10 per month
WiFi Xtender $3 per month
WiFi@Home $10 per month
HD DigitaLink $5 per month
Apple TV (One Time Purchase) $180 per month
Amplify $15 per month
Safeguard (Wire Maintenance) $6.99 per month

If you wish to purchase equipment from Suddenlink, you can find the prices below.

Equipment Fees (One Time) Price / Piece
Altice One $212.00
Altice One Mini $132.00
Standard Digital Receiver $185.00
High Definition (HD) Receiver $185.00
HD/DVR Receiver $345.00
Replacement Remote Control (Non-Altice One) $5.00
Replacement Altice One Remote Control34 $12.00
Cable Card $100.00
TiVo Receiver $185.00
TiVo DVR Receiver $345.00
TiVo Mini $150.00
TiVo Stream $150.00
DOCSIS Modem $100.00
MTA – Phone Modem $100.00
Wireless Modem $100.00
Wireless Router $80.00
Ubee 1326 Gateway $130.00
Ubee 1322 Gateway $110.00
Ubee 1319 Gateway $80.00
WiFi Xtender $75.00
HD DigitaLink $50.00
Amplify $399.00
Suddenlink Installation Fee and Other Charges
Description Price
Standard Installation $99.00
Premium Installation $149.00
Account Change $25.00
Directory Listing Change $10.00
Telephone Reconnect $20.00
Telephone Service Call $50.00
Activation Fee $40.00
Reconnect Service $40.00
Upgrade Service $25.00
WiFi Installation $40.00
Modem Swap Fee $25.00
1st Outlet – New Install $25.00
Each Additional Outlet $25.00
Wall Fish $65.00
Field Collection Fee $20.00
Collection Fee $20.00
Payment Processing Fee $10.00
Late Payment Fee $10.00
Returned Payment Charge $30.00
Paper Statement Fee $1.00
Restore Product (1-2 Products) $10.00
Restore Product (3 Products) $15.00
Service Call/Hourly Service Charge $60.00
Missed Service Appointment $60.00
Premier Protection & Support $19.99
Home Entertainment Protection & Support $9.99
Premier Technical Support $17.99

Summing Up

Suddenlink internet plans and prices are more or less the same as provided by other ISPs. However, the serviceability in rural areas and the speed it offers is amplifies the provider’s appeal. Especially if you compare it with satellite providers like HughesNet and Viasat, Suddenlink is surely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Suddenlink internet?

Suddenlink offers three plans including 100Mbps for $30, 400Mbps for $50, and 1Gig for $70 per month

Do Suddenlink plans and prices vary in different areas?

Yes, Suddenlink plans and prices vary depending on your location. Enter your Zip Code to find out whether Suddenlink is available in your area or not.

What are the other Suddenlink internet costs charged by the ISP such as equipment, and installation fees, etc?

You can find Suddenlink equipment and installation costs in the article. If you still have a problem understanding the Suddenlink internet costs and other charges, call customer service at 1-844-518-2667.