Before we get into the depth of the topic, it is pretty significant for the readers to note that Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable (TWC) are different subsidiaries of the same corporation that makes one i.e. Charter Communications® with all their products/services branded under the same brand named Spectrum.

We would be mentioning these names, but then again to avoid confusion please note that they essentially mean the same thing, and that is: Spectrum. Spectrum is commonly referred to as Charter’s brand name under which the corporation markets its services such as the internetcable TV, and Voice to its customers.

After availing of the services for the first 12 months, the prices you originally subscribed to may rise. As Spectrum doesn't require an agreement, the promotional prices are not certain after the completion of the first year (though it's better to call Spectrum customer support and negotiate since you're an existing customer).

Various costs are involved in different packages. To begin with, how much does Spectrum cost after 12 months, we are going to talk about the hidden charges in the Spectrum TV plan, and then the Spectrum internet plans. A summary of the costs is enlisted underneath to give you an idea.

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Hidden Costs of Spectrum Plans

Type of services (Est.)Charges
Professional installation $49.99
Broadcast TV charge of service Up to $21.00 per month
Spectrum Receiver & Remote (for each outlet) $8.99 per month
Spectrum DVR service charges (For 1 DVR Receiver) $12.99 per month
Spectrum DVR service bundle (Options for up to 4 DVRs) $19.99 per month
Spectrum DVR Equipment Rental $11.99 per month
Premium Channels (STARZ® & STARZ ENCORE®, HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, etc.) $9.00 to $15.00 per month
Late submission fee $8.95
Promotional Cost for Spectrum TV Plans $49.99

Subscription charges for Spectrum TV are quite upfront. If you buy a standalone service of the TV package, you would be paying for the following:

*For the initial 12 months

Additional Charges with Spectrum Internet Plans

It is the accumulation of documented charges listed above which is perhaps the reason for a surprise augmentation in the total sum of your Spectrum bill. In short, these are the essential figures to remember on which the bill is put together.

Spectrum TV Plans'charges increase once the Promotion Period ends. Spectrum bundle costs may increase by about $10 to $35 a month once the first twelve months pass. That also depends on the services you have subscribed to and your bill will ascend accordingly.

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Final Thoughts:

Since Spectrum does not bind its customers in a contract, this sets the customers free to switch providers or choose any other latest or old promotional deal. We have tried to compile the answer to all the generic ambiguities regarding the hidden costs in Spectrum internet and TV plans. The charges may seem a lot however they are pretty standard amongst all the service providers. Moreover, you get lots of additional perks with Spectrum for instance the Spectrum App that enables you to download without any charges and gets you access to entertainment anytime and anywhere you like.