People often ask questions about the pricing of top brands and one such reputed internet company is Cox Communications. So a question like, ‘how much does it cost to set up Cox Internet’ often pops up. And considering Cox Communications that has a 3.5 million internet subscriber base, this becomes an important question to address. Continue reading this blog to find out how you can set up cox services and how much would that cost.

How to Set Up Cox Services?

Cox is a consumer-oriented brand which is why it offers different options to its customers regarding how they want to get their services set up. These two options are Cox Easy Connect and Cox Pro Connect which we are going to discuss in detail below.

Cox Easy Connect

The installation charge is the major thing that defines the setup cost of your internet services. Even though it’s a one-time cost, usually it’s quite high (in the case of Cox Pro Connect it's $100). But with Cox, users also have another advantage as they can save money on installation as well.

This is done through a service called Cox Easy Connect, through which users don’t have to pay anything for installation. What happens in easy connect is that Cox ships customer’s with an installation kit that has all the equipment, cables, and a guide through which users can easily set up their services.;

Not only is this free but it’s quick as well because customers don’t need to wait for technicians to come and hook up the services. They can just get the equipment delivered through mail or even pick it up from a Cox store, whichever option is convenient for the user.

Cox Pro Connect

We know that not all customers are tech-savvy and might not know how to set up their services by themselves. In order to cater to such customers, Cox also has a professional installation option by the name of Cox Pro Connect.

In Pro Connect, users just need to set up an appointment with a Cox technician while placing their order for Cox services. On the scheduled date and time slot, the technician will arrive with all the necessary equipment, wiring, and other necessary tools for installation.

Cox Pro Connect is a convenient way to get the services installed as the user does not need to do anything. Professional installation may be mandatory on some addresses, these are the houses that are not prewired and need the entire cabling infrastructure to be carried out from scratch.

Although convenient, users should note that the installation fee is a $100 one-time charge when opting for Cox Pro Connect. In order to get more information regarding Pro Connect, the installation windows, and charges customers should contact Cox customer service

Summing Up

We tried our best to address the question of our customers regarding how much it costs to set up Cox internet. The main price factor is the one mentioned above which the installation is cost. Customers can go with their selected installation method as per their convenience and willingness to spend.

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