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How Landline Phones Can Save You Money

During the last decade, it has been a trend to forego landline phone services with the hope of relying on wireless service plans to meet communication needs. People had this idea that the digital home phones were not necessary as their cellphone is always in their pockets, and all post-paid plans are “unlimited”.

As cellphones have proliferated, competition in the wireless cellphone service industry has driven down average monthly costs for consumers while giving them more features and options. However, in 2019 things are starting to change. Cellphone bills are getting more expensive, as carriers attempt to coax you into upgrading your plan to eke out ever more profit from you.

For people looking to save money, cutting down on their wireless bill and using a digital home phone for most of their communication needs can bring significant savings which can be put into buying other services which can enhance the quality of your life and bring entertainment to your family.

Let’s consider how wireless cell phone service is trending towards more expensive bills and how the alternative of a home digital phone can save you money while keeping you connected.

Administrative Fees

Last summer AT&T doubled its “administrative fee” which is touted as a charge for “cell site maintenance and interconnection between carriers.” Other carriers are also likely to increase this fee in the near future. Although it may be a small increase in the individual consumer’s bill, it adds up over the months. In fact, the administrative fee for a wireless family plan alone may be almost half of a landline digital phone’s monthly cost!

This fee doesn’t apply to digital home phones.


Don’t you think you pay enough taxes as it is? The share of government taxes, fees, and surcharges on wireless cellphone service bills have climbed from an average of 15.1% to 19.1% over the last decade.

Yes, that’s how much money you’re just chucking to the man just to be able to call people. Imagine how much savings you can accumulate if you reduce your cellphone bill, and hence the $ amount of tax you’re paying!

The share of taxes on a cell phone bill differs from state to state. Pay attention to your cell phone bill to figure out what percentage of your bill is taxes. Then consider if you can talk to your friends and family for the same amount of minutes on a landline, without having to pay this much tax.

Maximize Wireless and Landline Benefits

You’re aware of the “Big Four” wireless carriers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile. Let’s consider AT&T’s unlimited plan which starts at $70 per month for a single line on the condition of autopay and paperless billing. But do you really need unlimited data while you’re out? You’re probably busy driving, working, and chatting to people face to face most of the times that you’re out of your home.

According to market research, the average person uses about 6 GB data monthly whereas younger people use 7 GB monthly. Why are you paying for unlimited data when you don’t have time to use a whole lot of it?

If you move to one of the alternative wireless service providers such as Cricket, you can get an unlimited talk and text plan with 5GB data for $35 per month. 

That’s half of the cell phone bill on the big four carriers.

What can you do with the money you saved? Of course, you can put it to use to enhance your life at home! By putting this $35 towards a cable TV, internet, and digital home phone bundle, you’ll be fulfilling your communication and entertainment needs at home. It’s likely that your bundle bill will be higher than this amount, but your savings will pay for a significant chunk of your bill.

Value of Landline Digital Phones

There are many benefits to you of having a landline home phone in 2019.

  • Low cost as part of cable TV, internet bundles
  • Unlimited international calling to Mexico, Canada
  • Relatively cheap international calls to other countries
  • Auto send the location to emergency responders
  • Clear voice quality
  • Backup voice line in case of cell phone loss or damage
  • Less use of cell phone device maximizes battery life

Other than these plus points, if you’re working from home a landline will come in handy. It’s always better to keep your personal and business/professional communication devices separate. Keep the landline for work-related purposes. It provides a sense of surety – whenever you step into your home office, you’re in the zone to get things done. If you rely on your cell phone, you’re bound to open up social media apps or Reddit.

If you conduct too much business on a cell phone you’re susceptible to leaking info to spyware, malware, and hackers.

Landlines mean productivity and security.

There’s a reason why the President’s desk has landline phones!

Best Bundle Deals

Now that we’ve established how you can save on your wireless bill and that you should include a home digital landline phone as a part of your household services, let’s consider which triple play plans can fulfill your cable TV, internet, and home phone needs.

Xfinity Starter XF Triple Play

You get 125 Digital channels, super-fast 100Mbps internet connection along with Norton internet security and digital home phone with the unlimited US calling and texting for the price of $89.99/mo. for the first 12 months on a 24-month agreement.

Check out more detailsand order online.

COX Bronze Bundle & Home Phone

An even sweeter triple play deal is on offer by Cox. This offer includes a whopping 220 channels along with Contour TV, blazing 100 Mbps internet, and digital home phone.  You get over a dozen cool features on your digital phone much beyond simple caller ID. This package is for $89.99/mo. for the 1st year in a 2 year contract.

If you’d like a double play package of internet phone, you can get that for $69.99 for the first 12 months of a 24 month contract.

Get more info and order Cox bronze bundle or double play now.

Spectrum Select Triple Play

 With 125 channels, 100 Mbps internet with no data caps as well as a security suite, and unlimited calling Spectrum offers another viable triple play plan. Entertainment channels will be in high definition. It costs $99.97/mo.

Hanging Up

Landline digital phones in 2019 are still relevant and useful.

You are probably overpaying for your wireless plan because you’re not using all the features. You could move to a less expensive wireless plan without compromising on your cell phone usage. Taxes are much higher on cellphone service bills as well.

The money that you save from that wireless plan trimming could be spent on cable TV, internet, and digital home phone packages which bring joy to you and your family as well as help you work at home.

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